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March 1st, 2020

Undercover ^^ is a simple and fun party game in the style of Mafia and Werewolf

It's perfect to spend good time with friends, family or colleagues πŸ˜‰

And since it's on your phone, you can take it with you anywhere!

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Undercover^^ is a social game of language, imagination, interaction and strategy. Only 1 smartphone is needed to play with a group of friends, family and colleagues. Check out our teaser at:Β See more
In this episode of TSL Plays, we play Undercover! Find out who among us are the best at deceiving the rest... SUBSCRIBE TO TSLTV HERE:Β See more
6 Alternatives to Undercover ^^

A fun-challenging endless runner in which you try your best not to fall into the water or hit any obstacle. Collect "appendices"(coins) to buy skins and upgrade items. Complete Objectives to receive more "appendices" and unlock skins such as DJ Khaled. For a first game, not too bad ;)

Go Straight is a Simple 2D game with a score based system where you try to beat your or your friends high score. You try to navigate your boat in a river full of wooden logs however there is a catch, you can only go diagonally.

It is very easy to learn and play but very hard to master.

Load of New Features are available now!

A game where your face is all you need to play. Use the front camera, mimic the emojis on screen and smash them all!!

The more faces you smash, the more points you do. A smile or a grimace is enough.

Join us, share funny videos on social networks and join the community.

#FaceSmash #FaceSmashChallenge

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Disco Bird is a one tap 2D mobile game for Android. While playing Disco Bird is showing his real face and turns crazy. Disco lights and music might confuse you?! Can you stay focused to bring Disco Bird as far as you can?

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