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January 1st, 2020

Fans of 'Cards Against Humanity' create a version for parents and it's lit AF

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Creative couple designs a "Cards Against Humanity" 2.0 of sorts by highlighting the ups and downs of parenting in the game. Good news, parents! There's now a version of "Cards Against Humanity" that you can really relate to.
Scary Mommy
If you're a fan of the party game Cards Against Humanity and also have children, we have great news for you. Fans of the original game have come up with a version of Cards Against Humanity for parents. Just think - you could have something (kinda) constructive to do while drinking wine with mom friends on a Friday night!
Wayan and Amy Vota have always enjoyed playing Cards Against Humanity with friends, but they never felt it spoke to their experience as parents. That's why they developed a version of the game for moms and dads. KinderPerfect, aka "Cards Against Humanity for Parents," is a humorous word association game with 200 question and answer cards that relate to all-t… See more

Does It Fly? - A game based on the popular Indian folk game "Chidiya Udd", meaning, Does Bird Fly? with the purpose of helping kids learn which birds & animals can fly through this fun & interactive game.

Alexa will also give you fun facts within the companion app about the asked animal/bird along with the sound they make to continue the learning.

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Does It Fly? (Chidiya Udd) - It's based on an Indian folk game "Chidiya Udd" with the purpose of helping kids learn which birds & animals can fly.

In Sketchies, the first game in Selfie Games, an app of selfie-infused casual TV party games, 3-10 players start by taking selfies on their phones, which then appear on the TV (Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, web browser..). Then they sketch absurd scenes of their friends, write fake captions for those scenes, and try to guess the original caption.

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If You Like Taking Selfies - You Will Love Playing The Selfie Game Sketchie Are you one of those people that like to take your own picture (selfie)? Sometimes I do, and other times I don't. However, with this fun Selfie Game Sketchie, you will want to!
BioGamer Girl
Buzzito has released Sketchies for mobile devices. Read on. Sketchies is making broad moves in the new world of games revolved around selfies. The casual TV party game revolves around selfies and can be played with 3-10 players.
Android Central
Party games provide a great way for friends, new and old, to come together, share a laugh, and just have a good time. But with pretty much everyone owning a smartphone these days, the way we play party games has evolved.
Field Guide
The Chromecast-that's a dongle for getting movies and shows and maybe a bit of music up on your big screen, right? Well, yes, but there's much more you can do with your Chromecast. All kinds of apps and games can benefit from the extra screen space-not just Plex and Netflix.
5 Alternatives to Selfie Games: Sketchies

Most simply described as the naughty love child of Cards Against Humanity and Pictionary, Gutterhead is a new adult party board game which involves drawing and miming 240 fiendishly filthy words and phrases. Contains drinking game rules.

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Picture the scene: it's Christmas Day and the family are gathered in the front room frantically playing what appears to be Pictionary; your uncle is stood there, desperately trying to draw something that looks a bit like a water fountain while everyone watches on.
A brand new party game described by its creators as being 'the messed up love child of Cards Against Humanity and Pictionary' is launching all its embarrassing bits over Britain. Gutterhead came about after two broken cars stopped fiancés Zac and Kate from getting to a big New Year's Eve party.

In Arenica You take the role of a Soldier, who's equipped with a Spear, Shield and Armor. Each one of this items are Enchant-able and Upgrade-able. The combat in-game is fought automatically.

There's 2 Stages with 100 levels each. 15 achievements to complete and 4 daily quests with various rewards based on your character's power.

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Based on the hugely popular web game "Google Feud" and jam-packed with the strangest internet searches known to man, Autocomplete: The Game is the guessing gamefor a rambunctious family night or a lively party with friends.

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