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August 1st, 2019

PlayStation™ companion iOS app, explore games 👾

PS Deals is a PlayStation Store (PSN) price tracker with instant personal price drop notifications. Add the game to your watchlist and receive notification as soon as the price drops

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PS Deals makes it easy to save on PlayStation games. No matter if game is currently on sale or not, you will be the first to know. Moreover, PS Deals is fully loaded with reviews, videos, screenshots and detailed description for every game!
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iOS11 Augmented Reality Arcade Shooter

You Gun Die AR was developed as a side project to explore some of the fun new possibilities with Augmented Reality and gaming. We were able to learn a lot from existing VR experiences as well as traditional arcade style gaming. We found that you really want to get up and move around your space which lends itself to an arcade style of gameplay.

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Kill Zombies in the real world

Z Room is an Augmented Reality first person shooter. Play in the real world with full sized Zombies on your Phone. With the new AR mode you can get in the middle of the action. Every round Zombies will come at you from any direction. Keep looking around so they don't get the drop on you.

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