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November 1st, 2018


Free Roboadvisor - Build Your Portfolio and Trade Anywhere

Free financial advice. We are professional scientific researchers and have re-invented passive investment strategies and many other financial models. We'd love to share our knowledge. Our models run daily with real-time data exchange to ensure that all portfolios are up-to-date. The results will be sent to you for free via email.

Elpis Investments

The first AI crypto-assets investment fund

Elpis Investments is an investment management company with a dream: shaping the future together with ambitious investors who belive that great ideas, innovation, transparency and fairness are the keys to be successful in the new era of investing. We have created an AI-based system and we use blockchain technology to publicly show every trade.

Andrea Boi
Andrea Boi- Designer at Elpis Investments
If anyone is interested, we have created an AI-based investment system that help investors to find the best performance possible.
Andrea Boi
Andrea Boi- Designer at Elpis Investments
Hi Ross, we are building a crypto-assets investment fund based on AI and blockchain technology.
Lately, world innovation leaders are taking by storm the online and offline news media by sharing their ideas regarding the impact that artificial intelligence will have on the market. One of the applications of Ai, which will create monumental changes, will be for sure in the fintech market.
Illustrations and animations made for Elpis. Complete video: See more

Receipts lets you collect documents for expenses, taxes, or accounting.

Automatically recognizes values such as dates, amounts, payment details, and more.

Get detailed info about your financial situation.

Data is stored locally, providing strong privacy.

Try it for free!

Minerva - The world's first reverse merchant processor is a payment processor built on blockchain technology. They address cryptocurrency adoption issues by introducing commerce-disruptive incentivized payment solutions to accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and smart contracts.

In many high chargeback verticals such as travel, adult, dating services, nightclubs and more, cryptocurrencies already stand to save businesses money in risk mitigation. This is unrelated to of the advent of Minerva's reverse transaction fee. Incentivizing merchants to accept cryptocurrency is what, in my opinion, will drive the positive feedback loops nece… See more

Crypto Index

Low-cost cryptocurrency index portfolio investing

Crypto Index - The only tool you need for showcasing, tracking and rebalancing your cryptocurrency investments.

Build and rebalance your data-driven index portfolio and benefit from a diverse investment and spread risk.

Anonymous. Simple. Secure.

Manage your holdings efficiently and calculate how to rebalance your portfolio.

BABB - the bank for everyone

Bank account based on the blockchain

BABB - the bank for everyone is pioneering a new blockchain-based decentralised bank, disrupting the traditional global banking system, helping increase financial inclusion and autonomy, and empowering local economies.

The BABB token sale is now SOLD OUT. Welcome to the afterparty! 6 months of work...53 email updates...866 tweets...hundreds of hours spent in meetings and meet ups...many thousands of conversations with the community on Telegram...millions of cups of coffee...trillions of hours spent approving registrations...and now 20 billion BAX tokens bought ...and we ha… See more
The BABB pre-sale is now officially sold out. We've sold all 10 billion BAX tokens allocated for the pre-sale, so it's closed - please don't try and send any more ETH! Any transactions which show as successful in have got through and your BAX balance will update shortly.
I want to tell you the story of how it all started. It's the story of why we no longer need to rely on banks, and how we're going to make it happen. It's a very personal story, but ultimately it's...

Razorpay 2.0

The complete payment suite for your business

Razorpay has evolved from being a pure payment gateway to a converged payments solution. With the new products, businesses can handle all aspects related to the flow of money, right from the moment when the payment is initiated to point where it is fully reconciled and disbursed to the final destination

We now have evolved from being a pure payment gateway to a converged payments solution, making us the first Indian fin-tech company to offer end-to-end payment solutions. With new products, we empower businesses to handle all aspects related to the flow of money. We bring to you The Future of Payments!


More Coins • More Trades • One Exchange

Blockbid is an ultra-secure cryptocurrency exchange, designed to help traders overcome:

1. The inconvenience of needing to sign up to multiple exchanges

2. The unease associated with having coins scattered across multiple exchanges

3, Missed investment opportunities caused by time lapses in transferring funds between different platforms

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Finn by Chase

Your new bank, in an app

Finn by Chase is a digital-only bank geared at millennials who don't want to go to brick-and-mortar branches. It includes features that help customers think about what motivates their spending in an effort to help them develop better money habits.

OZY and JPMorgan Chase & Co. have partnered to bring you an inside look at how entrepreneurs and their good businesses are helping the communities around them. Enjoy the rest of our special series here. Katie Sampson would describe herself as a run-of-the-mill millennial. She is cash-strapped most of the time, but loves spending on experiences.
Richard Levine | Getty Images In its first offering of online bank accounts, JPMorgan Chase on Monday launched a new smartphone app that it hopes will attract new depositors, many of whom are young and may live far from any of its branch offices.
Chase today unveiled Finn by Chase℠, a new all-mobile bank that gives consumers greater control of their everyday spending and saving - and happ
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Your AI friend in your bank.

Mina is a free financial chatbot which you can securely connect all your bank accounts or credit cards and ask her questions like “where is my money going?”

You can chat with her on Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Slack, Telegram, Viber, Kik, Line, Skype, or send text messages to 1 844 544 6446 or talk on Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant.

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