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December 1st, 2018

The ZeroBalance cryptocurrency exchange

Nexchange is the easiest way to convert cryptocurrency, securely and transparently.

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Today we are excited to announce the immediate availability of our cryptocurrency exchange service, Nexchange Beta, available at Nexchange is a fast, reliable and fully transparent cryptocurrency exchange. Our chief aim is to create the best crypto exchange on the market by providing high availability, low transaction costs and complete transpa… See more
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A minimal cryptocurrency CLI implementation in TypeScript

A minimal cryptocurrency CLI implementation in TypeScript & Immutable.js. After learning how Bitcoin works, I decided to build my own cryptocurrency from everything I learned about Bitcoin and Blockchain. The implementation is only about 900 lines of code. Great for leaning about the bitcoin and blockchain data structure.

An immutable JS library for working with monetary values 💰⚒

Dinero.js makes it easy to create, calculate and format monetary values in JavaScript. You can perform arithmetic operations, extensively parse and format them, check for a number of things to make your own development process easier and safer.

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My friend Cory and I chat almost every day, so you can bet he knows about everything going on in my life. But as we were talking the other day, I realized he had no idea how Dinero.js, my latest project, actually works. Like, what you can do with it.
Money is everywhere. Banking apps, e-commerce websites, stock exchange platforms, we interact with money daily. We also increasingly rely on technology to handle ours. Yet, there's no consensus around how to programmatically handle monetary values. It's a prevalent concept of modern societies, yet it's not a first-class data type in any mainstream language, … See more
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time-proof, immutable, file storage on EOS blockchain

EOSfilestore uploads files on EOS blockchain as multiple transactions (actions), it doesn't cost EOS but you need enough staking in CPU and NET.

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Video about EOSFilestore interface, now you can download easly files from the EOS blockchain. ▶️ See more
Luigi Maselli - fullstack javascript developer freelance
There are many Blockchain projects that sell themself as "Blockchain for X" (where "X" is something cool!), unfortunatly the Blockchain is basically is an immutable, decentralized and secure data storage so if X if rapresented by data you can use...


Pipot is a crypto price predicted game base on Ethereum Blockchain that gives players the chance to win an extremely large jackpot prize, truly fair and transparent

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