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July 1st, 2018

ShadowBid - Chrome Extension

A simple way to save on Amazon with automated purchases

ShadowBid is the best way to save money on Amazon! Prices change up to 80 million times every day (shocking!), and we help you take advantage of all that volatility through automated purchasing when the price drops to the level you set. Find your product, view the price history chart, and set your price. We'll take care of the rest for you!

Paul Morgan- Co-Founder, Remugio
I buy a lot of books on Amazon, and I use this app 2-3 times a week to save money. On some books I save over 50 percent, and it's super easy. Seeing the price history of products is also great - I would hate to be the person who paid three times as much for something, right before Amazon's algorithm dropped the price.
Wesley James- Co-founder, ShadowBid
Check it out and save money on Amazon!
Wesley James- Co-founder, ShadowBid
Because you overpaid for your last Amazon purchase.
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One-click business expense management inside gmail

Fyle offers one - click expense management right inside Gmail and Outlook. Fyle helps people autocapture expense details like Currency, Amount, Merchant, Category, Tax, ID along with the receipt with a single click process.

Ryan Hoover- Founder, Product Hunt
The Fyle Chrome extension launched today to report expenses within your inbox. Of course, it won't be very useful with paper receipts.
Vinit Agrawal- Co-Founder at Tars (
Check this app. Although it is a more comprehensive expense management system, but they have a chrome extension which lets you pick expense data from receipt, invoices etc.. right from your gmail and puts it in your account dashboard. I think this is good way to view all your receipt and invoices in one place, so that you can take proper action on it.
Pratik Sagar Mishra- Marketing | Products | SaaS
With most of the receipts coming in to our email inbox, Fyle makes it super easy to claim expenses. I love how they extract every single information and automatically report the receipt in one-click!
Fyle uses AI and provides a single click experience for employees to submit an expense, eliminating data entry, manual verification and frustration. We have built the world's first and AI Powered Data extraction system that extracts expense data from receipts (online and paper).
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Automatically track your entire portfolio in one place

An awesome new tool in development. Supports direct pullout from the exchanges and shows ROI. Really nice and easy interface.

Gambling Blocking Chrome Extension is a chrome extension that blocks gambling websites before you can play on them. It's fast, lightweight and catches 90% of websites immediately without requiring user interaction.

The database of blocked sites and keywords is growing by the day and we hope to be able to block 100% of websites within the year.

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