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March 1st, 2019

Love to stay in style with latest fashion & beauty trends?

Victor Kalimuthu
Victor Kalimuthu
Naked Eye App specializes in aggregating high-quality beauty, fashion and lifestyle content for users within a single platform. Provides beauty trends, tutorials, products, and advice within a click away at the user’s convenience. The app is dedicated to bringing latest fashion tips, makeup news, beauty tricks, trends and ideas in the beauty and fashion in… See more

Listen to Arabic Audiobooks, Enjoy and Learn.

Dhad is a very promising platform for Arabic Audiobooks. They offer some free books in the addition to the growing paid content.

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Dhad project is an Arabic program provides electronic distribution of audio books By using computer or smartphone.And it aims to promote reading
The average Arab citizen reads approximately 35 hours and 17 books every year. Research showed that on average, an Arab reads 11 books in Arabic and six foreign-language books every year. The need for promoting reading in the Arab world as a habit for young people is as clear as ever.
The Dhad platform started earlier this year converting paper books into audiobooks through a website and a mobile app. Grâce à la plate-forme Dad, vous aurez accès à la version audio de vos livres préférés. "Dat" arapça sesli kitap platformunun internet sitesi ve akıllı telefon uygulaması aracılığıyla sevdiğiniz kitapların sesli versiyonlarına ulaşabileceksi… See more
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