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January 1st, 2020

Oomo 3D Immersive Earbuds- World's 1st 3D 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds. Revolutionary patented technology.

Nello Torri , Sound Mixer- Winner of 4 Emmys and 24 Award Nominations compared it to the professional grade earphones.

Forbes' verdict: They deliver WOW factor.

Perfect for game developers. Streaming. Music.

Aaryan Ramzan
Aaryan Ramzan
These earbuds are made for Virtual Reality and Video games. Forbes highly recommends it: So do Hollywood's multi Emmy winning sound engineers.
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Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Those of you who follow my headphone musings on a regular basis will already know how much I like a bargain; I positively revel in pieces of new technology that over-deliver on performance while offering really good value for money.

Magic Story is a fantasy text-adventure infused with six mini-games. You are a GOD in this rich world: you guide a cheeky wizard kid on his journey, you make decisions for him and shape his world’s fate. Escape dangers, discover secrets, talk to others…or even fall in love!

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Magic Story: a revolutionary text adventure with all the perks of a complex RPG and also minigames? Yes, please! One would assume that with all the tech crammed into our phones, games of which the focus is on the story instead of the visuals and gameplay would be outdated.

Go Straight is a Simple 2D game with a score based system where you try to beat your or your friends high score. You try to navigate your boat in a river full of wooden logs however there is a catch, you can only go diagonally.

It is very easy to learn and play but very hard to master.

Load of New Features are available now!

Game Features

■ Open world ,anywhere you like without conditions.

■More than 260 types of monsters can be used.


■ Reincarnation at LV 255

■ Strong AOE skill,passive skill

■ Friend system

■ Every day EXP and item drop events.

■Participate in Raid Boss to get rare item.

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Babloo'z Vs Zombies is 2D Side Scrolling Zombie Survival Shooter Game. In this Game The player needs to survive as well as complete various missions for level unlocking and moving advance in the game.

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Everyone Let's have the fun of Babloo'z Vs Zombies Shooting Game 2019 and online shooting games.Play speedy Babloo'z Vs Zombies Shooting Game 2019 game and an impossible zombie hunter game and zombie killer to Survive. The city zombie survival is full of mad Zombies.
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