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December 1st, 2017


Connect with friends and the world around you

Mike Coutermarsh- Code @ GitHub
I think Facebook would be the most useful. Can contact people for help, get news, watch endless videos to entertain yourself.
Georgi Cochev
I am serious :)
Lawrence Ning- Co-founder of Leeds Data Science Society
I will keep one that brings the news, one that masters my emails and one that shares my photos. Maybe I am a British, I tend to use BBC News. I can live with Apple News. I use iPhone's email client. It's fine, although my friends say InBox is better. The last one is tricky but not so tricky. It has to be Facebook-involved - Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp. I got… See more
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A job marketplace based on your Facebook connections

Nicolas Nemni- Software Product Manager
Thanks for posting @bramk! 😻 Praber is an app to get almost any kind of service. From a petsitter to a lawyer. We think that any working relationship is based on trust. And trust is based on social connections. That’s why Praber is built around that. A registration through your Facebook account allows you to see if a Service Provider has already worked fo… See more
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Mac app for Facebook chat, w/ notifications & file sharing

DV Vartan- Founder,
OP here. I made this Mac app in Swift, with some JavaScript magic to enable notifications and image capture. Features: a Dock icon with red "new message" badge, popup notifications in the corner of your screen, and two keyboard shortcuts: Cmd+S to grab a screenshot, and Cmd+N to start a new message. Also, you can drag files and paste images into the chat. W… See more
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The missing part of Facebook

Laurent Amoravain- Entrepreneur from southern France
We are working on it ;) At the moment, it's a standalone app. But we will sure add the possibility to plug in a selection of your Instagram/Facebook pics. We want it to be the story of your life, with your BEST moments, not everything mixed together.
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Find great movies, music, books and people

Pavel Pekanov- Product Director @ various projects
There are a couple of deals worth mentioning: 1) Early Adopter program All users registered till November 1 are granted 2 months of Pro subscription. Those users among the Early Adopters who provide extensive and supportive feedback will get a prolongated Pro subscription up to 1 year. 2) DISQVR Experts Experts are people who really enjoy helping others … See more
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