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July 1st, 2019

Facebook Inspiration teaches small business owners to market their business on Facebook, guiding them through a series of easy-to-understand activities over a 30 day period. It contains practical instruction for those who are brand new to Facebook marketing, as well as those who've already tried it. Its tips apply to Facebook pages and groups.

Vanessa Hunt
Vanessa Hunt- Author of Facebook Inspiration
Given that many of my friends and peers are small business owners, trying to improve their marketing to live the lifestyle they aspire to, I share this fun, practical Facebook marketing guide with them. (Please feel free to delete if we're not allowed to share our own products!)
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Are you using Facebook to attract customers? Are you struggling to get engagement or targeted leads? If so, then you are in the right place. In this episode of the Reach For Greatness Interview Series (more on - meet special guest Vanessa Hunt See more

The book is a combination of memoir, business strategy guide, and call to action. It covers the lessons that I’ve learned about technology platforms from four decades in the industry, and how they apply both to businesses and to the broader economy.

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From the WTF? Economy to the Next Economy
That's the title of my new book, due out on October 10 from Harper Business in the US, and on October 17 from Penguin Random House in the UK. The book won't be on sale till October 10, but you can...
For more than two decades, Tim O'Reilly has been the conscience of the tech industry. Originally a publisher of technical manuals, he was among the first to perceive both the societal and commercial value of the internet-and as he transformed his business, he drew upon his education in the classics to apply a moral yardstick to what was happening in tech.
4 Alternatives to WTF? What's the Future and Why It's Up To Us

Get a year’s worth of blog post ideas in 60 minutes ⏰

Here’s what’s packed into The One Hour Content Plan:

•Three core ways to INSTANTLY generate content ideas with ease. Ditch the content overwhelm and never ever struggle with what to write again.

•5 types of content that will inch your subscriber towards becoming a buyer and sell your products and services with ease. (And why you need ALL five!)

•The fastest way to determine your BRAND VOICE so that you create content that fits you like a glove. No “whishy-washy” ideas. No guessing.

•8 MUST-NOT neglect elements that either make or break your blog posts and how to optimize each of them.

•The trap that bloggers and solopreneurs fall into with producing content and how ways to HOOK more eyeballs on your content.

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I'm pretty sure you know the feeling. This feeling of frustration to see some growth- any growth on your blog. You feel like you've tried every possible strategy. But things aren't moving as fast as you'd like. You just don't seem to be getting the ROI for your efforts. Forget money.
Business News Daily
Have you ever felt clueless about ideas for your blog? Are you dissatisfied with your content's results in terms of customer retention? Fortunately, the answer is about working smarter, not harder. Meera Kothand, a freelance writer turned digital marketing strategist, has a solution that only takes an hour of your time.

How Today's Tech Giants Monopolize the Future

Gods of the Valley breaks down Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple, exploring the businesses, the big problems, upcoming market trends and potential disruptions which impact today’s tech giants.

Time to rate the top tech companies and look at potential acquisitions, market changes and growth opportunities which will fuel the next era of riches

Robot and Puppy go on adventures in each illustration. Some are fun and cute. Others can be more intense.

30 Awesome Illustrations to Color!

When coloring for stress. Intense patterns or specific colors in repeating spots can feel obsessive and compulsive. This is designed for the enjoyment of the illustration and the coloring experience.

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Robot and Puppy. 62 likes. Robot and Puppy are illustrated characters by Karl J. Steltenpohl. They go on adventures. Check out the new Robot and Puppy Coloring Book!

A declassified brief of Silicon Valley insider knowledge

Automating Humanity is the eye-opening manifesto from international award-winning designer Joe Toscano that unravels the power agendas of the world's greatest tech titans in plain language, and delivers a fair warning to policymakers, civilians, and industry professionals alike: we need a strategy, and we need it now.

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Joe Toscano: the ethics of big data - DesignBetter.Co
In this interview with Joe Toscano, author, speaker, and founder of Design Good, we talk about ambient computing, the ethics of design and the social responsibilities of being a designer.
Although regulation is not a topic anyone wants to talk about, there comes a point at which it becomes necessary. This is true of all industries, but especially true of the tech industry, which, despite its size, is still maturing.
The Last Podcast Network
Ben recaps the week in news and focuses on the First Step Act, the spat between the medical community and the N.R.A. and is joined by Joe Toscano to discuss his book "Automating Humanity" and they discuss universal basic income and the questions politicians aren't (but should be) asking tech companies.
5 Alternatives to Automating Humanity

Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media and AI

Learn how to put 'social' back into social media and claim brand relevancy in a world where algorithms dominate, organic reach is dwindling and consumers don't want to be sold to, they want to be engaged.

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