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March 1st, 2020

Custom is a new trend and we love Sneakers!

BrandYourShoes is the first full custom sneakers Brand for companies and groups. A Branding & Fashion new aplication. The Coolest way to show your brand. Trendy designed sneakers from Barcelona and handmade in Spain.

Start creating awesome sneakers in our customizer on-line.

iNotifier is a cloud based social service focused on local events notifications and an easy to use mobile app that facilitates real-time notifications on your areas of interest. If you embraced Internet-of-Things (IoT) already, iNotifier can help you to be up-to-date with events from your IoT devices from your home or your workplace.

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eventValue app helps people Discover Professional events and Network with Attendees.

Users can proactively Discover events based on Industry, Interest, Location and Social media connections

eventValue helps Attendees do Pre and Post event networking. Attendees can view profiles, send messages, post in Discussions, Groups and stay connected

Exactly around 1 year back we started working on Bylde. Bylde is a platform to sell your open event tickets online.
Bylde works on Freemium + Transactional Revenue Model. You can easily register and start selling your tickets instantly. Its completely free.

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If you are an event manager or just hosting events for your hobby of meetup groups. Then you know that hosting events is challenging and time-consuming. It gets more exhausting when you don't have a medium to manage your event especially when you are dealing with ticketing.

Sava Events platform is all about reinventing how event management is done. It helps you add custom agenda widgets to your website, launch a branded mobile app and chatbot, and enable live audience engagement.

The next generation of sharing your life moments. Take your business and marketing to the next level with Salam.
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We have combined all the best features of the top social apps on the market into one app.

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