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March 1st, 2019

Boost your efficiency by 40% in Office, Gmail, WhatsApp Web

Lightkey is a free text prediction software for Windows that can save up to 40% of your typing time in 85 languages. Lightkey gradually adapts itself to your typing style and offers tailored predictions. Lightkey supports MS Office (Word, Outlook and PPT) and Google Chrome (Gmail, WhatsApp Web, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook Mail).

6 Alternatives to Lightkey Predictive Typing for Windows

AI-powered text prediction PC software

Lightkey is an innovative predictive typing software – the only one of its kind – using deep learning technology to save up to 40% of your typing time. Lightkey supports 85 languages and is currently used in more than 100 countries. Lightkey supports Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook and PowerPoint) and Google Chrome (Gmail, WhatsApp Web, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook Mail).

Save, cite and source pieces of content across platforms.

Sorc'd Web App enables you to highlight snippets of information you find interesting and save that content to your cloud-based library. Then use those snippets later when creating your own content. You can clip from online sources, shared internal documents, even email.

Get the entire Sorc’d product suite and your productivity will skyrocket! There is a Chrome Extension for snipping content, a web app for centralizing your findings and sharing via social media, and add-ins/ons for Google Docs and Sheets, and Microsoft Office and Outlook for easy, single-click citing.

“Sorc’d gives our joint users the tools they need to be as productive as possible with seamless integration into Microsoft Office products.” – Rob Howard, director, Office 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft

All of your research in one place. Free public accounts, premium private accounts and linked business accounts available. Sorc'd is a great resource for sharing and building a repository of valuable information.

Your prescription for Game Press and Game Streamer Contacts.

Indie Dev Rx is a subscription service for Indie Game Developers or Game Developers in general that has built databases of Game Press and Game Streamers direct contact info. This info is established, maintained, and updated. Over 270 Press contacts and over 375 Streamer contacts for developers to establish a relationship and to help promote product

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About Indie Dev Rx We at IndieDevRx know that the games industry is tough to make a living at. That's why we are attempting to offer these low cost databases and building a free to the public (donation funded) web pages that organize useful industry links to the community to help you grow your business...

See your emails in a new way as word clouds!

The bigger a word is, the more common it was in an email.

Now Colander Chrome Extension gives you a single-click view of Gmail Threads, right from Gmail.

See Word Cloud Changes in an animated-like experience as you go forward or backward in time in the Gmail thread.

Tweak with settings, have fun!

Searching for messages? Search smarter, not harder !

TeamSearch is designed to search multiple platforms, including Outlook mailboxes, Teams, Yammer and Skype for Business Chats, to provide fast results and powerful insights across your working spaces.

-See all your collaboration conversations

-Find the latest information regardless of the platform it is in

-Get a view across your message landscape

Grow your business and your community with Instagram !

iLead is THE chrome extension for PRO Instagram users, it will :

🤖 Accelerate the organic growth of your audience

🤖 Retrieve business e-mail addresses & phone numbers of every business profil



🚀 Hack your growth

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