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January 1st, 2020

Field Notes for Education. New resources for use in the classroom or lecture hall. Each issue includes two solid resources to immediately elevate your education technology game. Plus one website to satisfy your appetite for the strange and unusual.
Late to the party, but after going through Ed Hunt's website, it really is a Product Hunt for edtech. As a student heavily involved in the education community, this is super rad! :D

The Heartbeat is a bi-weekly newsletter on leadership, company culture, employee engagement and feedback by Claire Lew, CEO of Know Your Company. Every week, we feature a leader we respect, such as Jason Fried, John Maeda, and Patrick Collison.

Ghostit creates your content and automatically posts to your blog, social media profiles, and sends out email newsletters because we know how much time and effort it takes. As a business professional you have enough to do already, let alone create and maintain an online presence.

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Our Growth Tools (e.g. comment watcher, subscription box) turn your community to subscribers. With Broadcasts you can send customized news to the right customers as private messages. The Article Management (automatically) manages all information (e.g. all web shop products). Analytics show reach, top interactors, etc. Only 3 clicks to get started!

We want to teach students about what it’s like to work in tech before they get their first job - so that when they apply, they’re way ahead of the game. And ultimately, we want to help any student, regardless of where they go to school and what they study, who’s interested in working a startup find the perfect opportunity to do so.

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