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March 1st, 2019

Merges real wooden toys with kids educational apps

Magik Play is a smart toy for iPad that merge physical toys with STEM games for kids by using a special kind of Augmented Reality technology. The digital characters react to the constructions creating the perfect fusion of digital and real world play

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Innovation in education is important as it caters to the need of engagement in the learning processes. With vivid technologies and tools coming out increasingly, Magik Play brings the new approach to education with its block kits that helps students learn and engages them in the whole process.
The Toy Insider
Who knew a block of wood could be a smart toy? With the Magik Play Starter Kit, from Magikbee, kids all different ages can collaborate with one another in the real world to find success in the digital. The ready-to-play technology features simple wooden toys, no batteries, and no wires.
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The Augmented Reality Based 4D Smart Card Learning Kit

Alphabet Corner is a 4D flash card based alphabet learning system for kids that makes learning alphabets easy and fun.
A new educational product powered by augmented reality. The kit includes 26 Smart 4D Flash Cards that can teach kids English alphabet letters along with pronunciation and a companion app for Android and iOS.

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Imagine the possibilities of all the word patterns we use every day, which vary so much from word to word: Bare, Bear; yours; Ladder, fixed ladder, etc. The words modify not only the way in which we spell, but also the meaning of the words themselves.

Set of 12 cardboard cards & mobile app for kids 3+

Mila Lila is a set of 12 cardboard cards and a mobile app with challenges for children 3+. The cards give ideas to the children how to make crafts from materials they can find at home. The goal is to show the children that they can build their own toys, develop their own stories and use the mobile device only to inspire and share.

The Legends is The Super-Fun Cards Game For Every Family

100 legends portrait's in This fun and exciting game will allow children and teens to enjoy a stimulating card game while offering them the chance to learn about the legends of our world

Mikme Silver - Wireless Recording Microphone

Capture songs, speech and videos in studio-quality.

Standalone Recorder. Wireless Smartphone and USB Microphone.

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Editor's Note: On July 17, Mikme announced its more-affordable $199 Mikme Silver, dropped the price of the original Mikme to $299, and added a new USB microphone recording mode. As any amateur video director has discovered, the microphones inside smartphones are pretty bad at capturing audio, and tethered clip-on lapel mics are messy and don't work with smar… See more
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mikme is a wireless microphone that seamlessly brings studio-quality audio using a built-in app that connects to your smartphone.
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Mikme Microphone Smartphones are better than ever at capturing high-quality audio, but nothing beats a dedicated microphone. The Mikme microphone should appeal to videographers, vloggers, musicians, podcasters, and others who want to record the best-possible audio on their iPhone. Today's top smartphones do an excellent job of producing great video.
On The New Screen Savers show, Leo Laporte and Megan Morrone take a look at a new wireless microphone and audio recorder from Mikme that streams high-quality audio your iPhone. The...
Fortt Knox
Jon Fortt talks to Mikme co-founder and CEO Phillip Sonnleitner and CNBC's Deirdre Bosa about the coming wave of wireless tech. Plus, next on the podcast: Troy Cater of Spotify and Cross Culture Ventures
Ever since I was seven years old, I played guitar, wrote and recorded music and also gigged with bands. I still play and write, but not as much as I
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There's a lot going on at Mikme recently, starting with today's launch of the Mikme Silver Indiegogo campaign. Mikme Silver is a more affordable version of the original Mikme, which is known as Mikme Blackgold. The savings come from a smaller 2/3" Silver electret capsule, compared to the original 1" gold-plated condenser capsule.
The Mikme Silver is basically a scaled down version of the original. It has a silver 2/3-inch capsule, compared to the last model's 1-inch module, and it has enough storage to hold around 45 hours of recordings, instead of 360 hours.

Advanced Smart Aquarium with a feeder, HD Cam, LEDs & more 🐠

Bluenero makes your fish keeping experience effortless and fun with super-easy Application that automatically feeds your little bubbles without refilling for up to a week.

⚡ Automatic FoodFeeder

⚡ Built-in HD Camera

⚡ Full Spectrum LEDs

⚡ Super Silent

⚡ Saltwater and Freshwater Friendly

⚡ Bluenero Smart App

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Ever had some pet fish? Did you enjoy watching them swim around? Was it calming? Therapeutic? Lovely. But - and I have to ask you this - did you ever wonder what those endlessly moist creatures were up to when you were out of the room? Smoking? Drinking?
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PrimusX is the ultimate maker's flight controller (board) that allows seamless hardware and software integration. Some have made it a Land Rover, some a blimp. It comes with 10 DOF Sensor Suit, 4 H-Bridge Drivers + 4 Mosfets, Wifi enabled, 256kb STM32F303 controller and 20-pin header UniBus.

A magical screen-free coding toy

Taco Playbits is designed to equip your child with 21st century skills - Making them future ready!

⚡ 100% Screen-Free|Hands-On Tactile Play

⚡ Backed by our patent pending Technology

⚡ Play & Learn in any language

⚡ Portable-take it anywhere

⚡ Infinite play opportunities.

⚡ Make your child future ready!

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From augmented reality to gesture controls, all make for guaranteed fun-at least until the batteries run out.
While many screen-based devices can provide educational benefits for kids, research suggests that too much screen time is harmful. From warnings about eyesight damage to negative shifts in brain connectivity , many parents are struggling to find a solution, especially when their child is showing signs of screen addiction.

Learn the basics of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Zoom is a self driving RC car kit that gives you a hands on approach to learning the world of experimental self-driving technology. It's the perfect tool to teach you the basics of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics empowering you to create cars and robots of your own and we are there to help every step of the way!

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Zoom is a self-driving rc car kit that gives you a hands-on approach to learning the world of experimental self-driving technology. It's the perfect tool to teach you the basics of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics so you can create amazing cars and robots of your own, and we're there to help every step of the way!

Learn Python by Building clones of Amazon, Twitter & Medium

In this full stack web development video course you will grow from knowing absolutely nothing about web development and python to understanding advance concepts and building clones of real world projects like Amazon, Fiverr, Medium and Twitter with python and Django in just 6 weeks.

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