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July 1st, 2019

A simple way to save on Amazon with automated purchases

ShadowBid is the best way to save money on Amazon! Prices change up to 80 million times every day (shocking!), and we help you take advantage of all that volatility through automated purchasing when the price drops to the level you set. Find your product, view the price history chart, and set your price. We'll take care of the rest for you!

Wesley James
Wesley James- Co-founder, ShadowBid
We built ShadowBid for exactly this purpose. Amazon prices are wildly volatile, and now shoppers can take advantage of the huge price swings. Definitely check it out!
Paul Morgan
Paul Morgan- Co-Founder, Remugio
I buy a lot of books on Amazon, and I use this app 2-3 times a week to save money. On some books I save over 50 percent, and it's super easy. Seeing the price history of products is also great - I would hate to be the person who paid three times as much for something, right before Amazon's algorithm dropped the price.
Wesley James
Wesley James- Co-founder, ShadowBid
Saves tons of time and money on Amazon
6 Alternatives to ShadowBid - Chrome Extension

Icebox prevents you from making impulse purchases 💥🛍️

Icebox for Chrome replaces the Buy button on the most popular E-Commerce stores, automatically saving you from your weakest moments. By preventing you from making impulse purchases, Icebox helps you save money today.

This is a free tool to turn web data into Excel. All you need is just one-click. It automatically extracts clean data and arranges them into rows and columns. They provide scheduler, e-mail alert for auto web scraping. In addition, the databoard allows you to register thousands of URLs at once and export all into a single spreadsheet with clicks.

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One of the frequent requests from clients is to extract the repeated elements in a bunch of pages. Even if you are a programmer good at web-scraping, you need to spend quite a lot time (hours to days) on analyzing the structure of all pages and making codes.
Listly は、ウェブページのスクレイピングをお手軽にしてくれるサービスです。 フォームに抽出したいサイトのURLを入れて、Listyボタンを押すと、 ページ内の構造から、リストを抽出してくれます。抽出に使ったCSSセレクタを表示してくれてるので、これをコピーして使うもよし、"Excel"ボタンを押すと、エクセルファイルでダウンロードもできます。 ...
알아두면 업무에 큰 도움이 되는 무료 사이트들을 모아보았습니다! 쉐어하우스 | 5,190 읽음 댓글 1. 문서 번역 DocTranslator( See more
11 Alternatives to Listly Chrome Extension

Easily remember and organize products you want to buy

monote lets you save products from around the web to find them again later:

↳ Remember the things you want to buy 💸

↳ Organize your products in different collections 📦

↳ Make smarter purchase decisions 🙏

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Today is a special day for me: After 6 months of hard work I'm finally launching monote. I quit my job in October last year to learn how to code and build something of my own and monote is the result of these last few months! So what is monote?
16 Alternatives to monote

Shop and earn Bitcoin back on online purchases

Coinback is a website and chrome extension that lets you earn Bitcoin back on all of your online purchases.

Join Coinback for FREE & Get your $5 Bitcoin Bonus when you make a qualifying purchase.

Invite your Friends: You’ll Get $5 in Bitcoin and They’ll Get $5 in Bitcoin.

Sign up here:

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NEW YORK--()--Despite the massive buzz around Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies, a majority of consumers have yet to get in on the action. However, a new company launched today that hopes to change that-one online shopping cart at a time. Meet Coinback.

Donate more with Halo when you shop on Amazon!

Halo for Amazon™ is an extension that utilizes Smile and Affiliates to donate between 1.5%-10.5% of your Amazon purchases to charity! You can choose which charities you want to support, add your own charities/YouTubers/Twitch streamers etc., and track how much you and the world has helped contribute with Halo!

Kristen Rayford
Kristen Rayford
5% is great way to support eff or your favorite charity much better than .5% plain Amazon smile does.
14 Alternatives to Halo for Amazon

Save money and time and make smarter shopping decisions.

BestPrice Assistant will save you time and money by helping you make better shopping decisions.

BestPrice Assistant will automatically and instantly inform you if the product you are watching is at the lowest price in Greece - using's product index - and will also provide more, context-related, information.

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BestPrice is not a site. BestPrice is a platform designed to bring value to consumers, retailers, brands and the e-commerce ecosystem as a whole. To get there, we designed BestPrice to be a medium-agnostic service enabler.

All-in-one toolkit for Merch by Amazon as Chrome Extension

This all-in-one toolkit will provide translation, import, export, copy and paste for all products even the ones from your competitors, focus keyword extractor for every listing on Amazon search. See at a glance which products are yours or copy cats on Amazon search and many more.

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