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August 1st, 2019

Palm-Sized Drone With GPS Auto-Follow and 4K Camera

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Chinese manufacturer Ruiven has today launched Kudrone, a competitively priced micro-drone with a range of features aimed at bridging the gap between tiny toys and the more capable models on the consumer market. The Kudrone made its debut on Indiegogo, where it raised more than $1.3 million from 10,792 backers.
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Another IndieGoGo storm has erupted over the $109 'Kudrone', a nano-drone said to incorporate GPS, 4K camera, 'Follow Me' and more. But following the release of footage stated to be a 'sample', we have even more doubts around the sincerity of this project. Kudrone is using false advertising...
Ruiven, leading designer and manufacturer of mobile devices, today unveiled Kudrone, a palm-sized, smartphone-controlled drone that is taking on leading competitors with its breadth of features and affordable price. Available now for presale on Indiegogo starting at $99, Kudrone takes selfies, panoramic images and live videos on-the-go, both indoors and outd… See more
Chip Chick
To get all the good drone stuff - a 4K camera, hover, sonar, tracking, GPS - you usually need to pay up. Drones like the Hover Camera Passport tick all those boxes, but most cost upwards of $500. A new drone from a company called Ruiven seeks to cut down that price by a lot - all the way to $100.

An Affordable Underwater Robot for Work & Science

The Sibiu Nano is a small, affordable and open-source underwater drone designed by and for professionals working in the underwater realm.

It can dive to 100m streaming live video back to the surface through a tether, and can be used to inspect underwater assets (pipelines, fishfarms, harbours, ships, etc) or to collect scientific data.

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Оригинальное устройство практически лишено дизайна, но это компенсируется иными плюсами: его можно собрать самостоятельно, устанавливать улучшения и дорабатывать под свои запросы: все механическая часть и программное обеспечение создается с использованием открытых источников. Проектов подводных дронов в последние годы появилось немало, но Sibiu Nano имеет вс… See more
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教育、研究からホビー用途まで利用できる水中探査ロボット「Sibiu Nano」がIndiegogoに登場した。HDカメラを装備し、最大深度100m、標準で50mのテザーケーブルが付属する。モジュールデザインのオープンソースプロジェクトで、センサーやライトの追加も簡単だ。
Emilcar FM
El Sibiu nano es un dron submarino de bajo coste. La empresa innovadora de base tecnológica, Nido Robotics, es la creadora de este dron submarino que puede ser usado con fines profesionales y personales. Aprovechando la temática de este capítulo hablaremos del submarino y de otros productos relac
Se presenta como "el primer ROV profesional al alcance de todos los bolsillos" y es obra de Nido Robotics, una empresa que tiene su sede en Murcia. La empresa española Nido Robotics, que tiene su sede en Murcia, comenzará a vender en cuestión de días el que ha bautizado como "primer ROV profesional al alcance de todos los bolsillos".
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A team of developers based in Spain has created a new affordable and portable underwater drone, specifically designed to enable you to explore the world under the waves without getting wet. Available to back from €899 with worldwide shipping available, the Sibiu Nano underwater robot offers a tethered
​If you've ever wanted to explore the underwater world using your own ROV (remotely-operated vehicle), there are now a number of consumer models in the works. The Sibiu Nano is one of the most recent to hit the scene, and it's being made with the do-it-yourselfer in mind.
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Robótica: La idea murciana para explorar el fondo del océano: drones submarinos low cost. Noticias de Tecnología. NIDO Robotics acaba de lanzar su Sibiu Nano, un ROV con el que quiere convertir los drones subacuáticos en un producto para todos los públicos
Nido Robotics ha decidido facilitar el acceso a este tipo de drones, pensando también en versiones específicas para formadores y para 'makers'. Su campaña de preventa en Indiegogo ya está activa. Estamos acostumbrado a vincular la palabra "dron" con vehículos voladores, pero lo cierto es que sólo los define el hecho de estar dirigidos de manera remota, por l… See more

Easily prototype your drone ideas

PlutoX is the ideal drone kit for hardware and software prototyping. The nano drone is made of the most modular flight controller (board): PrimusX, and comes with an easy-to-code software. In a first at its price, the kit also come with an image processing camera for you to test your drone mapping ideas.

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Unboxing the PlutoX Drone from Drona Aviation
I'm looking at PlutoX from Drona Aviation for potential integration into DroneBlocks. It looks to be a highly capable micro drone with modular add-ons. You can learn more about it here: See more
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Meet the PlutoX: an open source drone kit with everything you need to take your aerial robotics game to the next level. The PlutoX comes with WiFi, range sensor, motors, propellers, and DIY projects for you to try. It can be coded with Cygnus IDE.Must see robots & drones: YI Erida Tricopter Drone with 4K ...
"My drone's propeller is broken!" "My RC car is missing a wheel." "This computer needs to be replaced because of one fried chip on its board." "Update the aerodynamic design? We'll have to launch a whole new product for that." Such statements are what common users, manufacturers, industrial designers and companies fear deeply; a trivial [...]
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If you wanted to tinker with a drone, without burning your bank account, this is it

PrimusX is the ultimate maker's flight controller (board) that allows seamless hardware and software integration. Some have made it a Land Rover, some a blimp. It comes with 10 DOF Sensor Suit, 4 H-Bridge Drivers + 4 Mosfets, Wifi enabled, 256kb STM32F303 controller and 20-pin header UniBus.

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