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March 1st, 2019

Instantly see user actions that lead up to a bug, in Slack

Bugbot by Kuoll notifies you about new bugs in your web application. Kuoll script automatically records debuggable user sessions, detects bugs in your web app and reports those bugs to you. Each bug report is a recorded user session that contains user actions, network requests (with content and headers) and authentic javascript execution flow.

2 Alternatives to Bugbot by Kuoll

TaskList is the easiest & fastest way to organize your Slack teams' tasks.

1 - Powered by 2 commands in Slack, /task and /list. ✌

2 - It's 100% mobile-friendly. You can edit/manage from any device. 🙌

3 - No logins. Who wants to remember another password? Nobody on your team needs to sign up or log in. ever. 👍

Dan- Working on
If you're using Slack as your work hub, TaskList is a great task manager that is mobile-friendly.
Dan- Working on
Integrates perfectly with Slack. 100% mobile-friendly. No login/signup required.
Greg Manson
Greg Manson- Interested in all things mobile
Finally something I can use on mobile.
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AI-powered Q&A knowledge base for Slack teams

Build an AI powered knowledge base right within your Slack team,Save messages, posts or whole threads from Slack to OneBar. Turn conversations

into documentation in just a few clicks.

Maxim Leonovich
Maxim Leonovich- Co-founder at
You should consider OneBar. We are working on all sorts of ML-driven features that make KB management waaaay easier. You can literally build a wiki just from your existing Slack conversations.
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What is the very first thing a new employee has to learn when joining a company? That's right - it's internal jargon. Even the smallest teams have their way of naming things: project code-names, industry-specific terms, customer nicknames, acronyms, etc. It's always a great idea to provide your new hires with a glossary of company-specific words.
About a year ago we launched the first version of OneBar. The idea was simple: One search Bar for all your needs at work. It was a tool that could integrate with systems that you use at work, and search them all at the same time. A lot of people liked it, except...
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YellowAnt is a Slackbot that allows you to automate processes at work. Using interactive notifications and commands, you can take actions on all your work-related applications right from your Slack window. You can use YellowAnt to create workflows to allow seamless flow of information for a faster, more efficient and transparent work culture!

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Inc42 Media
Founded in 2012 by Rajesh Sawhney, GSF Accelerator has announced the list of startups graduating from its fifth batch. The graduating five startups have also received $65K to $100K as Seed funding, the startups are currently working out of Gurugram and are being mentored.
Your PagerDuty workspace can be very dynamic- new incidents are created and resolved very quickly. If you want to keep the information for some of these incidents long term, you can automate creation...
If you like to stay ahead of bugs at every stage of the product lifecycle, you probably want to see your notifications from Sentry as soon as they occur. Moreover, you probably use a task management app like Jira and Asana to keep a track of these occurrences.
As a DevOps engineer, you have to keep track of several tasks while collaborating with your team. With YellowAnt's powerful Jenkins integrations, you can use commands, actions and notifications for...
We have already shown you how YellowAnt can facilitate commands, actions and notifications for Azure DevOps on Slack and Microsoft Teams. This article will explore the power of ChatOps 2.0 with YellowAnt. YellowAnt's workflows automate sending information from one app to another.
4 Alternatives to YellowAnt - ChatOps 2.0 for Slack

Brainstorm with your team on Slack to find smart solutions

Brainstorming with your team directly in Slack is the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to find the smartest solutions to the problems you’re trying to solve every day.

So what problem are you trying to solve today?

You and your team are going to nail it together in a matter of minutes by brainstorming directly in Slack.

Pierre Gourlaouen
Pierre Gourlaouen- CTO, Braineet
We build it to find better solutions with our team on Slack and we love it!
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