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January 1st, 2020

DTing is world's first easy-start gesture controlled robot and toy series.

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Gesture-Responsive Robotic Toys - Inspired by the development of high tech artificial limbs, DTing's team collaborated with scientists and engineers to create a line of reason...
DTing - Worlds First Easy-Started Gesture Control Robot and Toy Series is Ready to Launch on Indieg
Meet the DTing Armlet: a gesture control device for drones, robots, games, RC cars, and other similar applications. It detects muscle activity to let you interact with your devices. Thanks to its SDK, you can develop innovative apps for it. In some ways, it reminds us of the Myo Armband.
DTing, a series of robots and toys truly controlled by gesture and force is ready to launch on the famous crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. It takes over all the control behaviors of robots at users' wishes, by using gesture and movement to control and precept everything using force.
Robotic Gizmos
Here are robots and toys that you can control with gestures. The DTing toys are controlled using a wristband. It can recognize forearm movement, hand gestures, and force. Such a technology can be used to control tanks, drones, and other RC toys.👉 Trade Bitcoin & rare cryptocurrencies with Changelly  As you move your arm, ...
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The smart sleep mask that uses 🔆light, 🎶sound and your 🔬 genetic information to help you fall asleep faster and wake up with more energy. 😺

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Can you relax when there's a pillow wrapped around your head that streams a barrage of ambient nose into your ears and pulses orange light onto your eyelids? I felt more amped than calm when I tried on the Dreamlight, a Bluetooth-connected sleep mask on display on Tuesday at the CES tech show here in Las Vegas.
The chunky foam eye mask wraps around your head and is secured by velcro, with special inserts to ensure no light can peek in around your nose. Inside, however, are flexible circuits that house a quartet of speakers, infra-red sensors, an optical heart-rate monitor and LED panels in front of your eyes.
The Dreamlight is a high-tech eye pillow designed to help you get more rest. The device uses soothing sounds, such as a rainforest, and special lights to improve your rest. The company also claims it can assist with jet lag and offer a "beauty facial." The product will launch a crowd-funding campaign later this month.
'Dreamlight' is a rechargeable sleep mask that claims to help better your sleep using light-technology and ambient sounds.
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Startup Dreamlight debuted a new sleep mask at CES that makes a number of promises, including the ability to lessen the effects of jet lag, recommend adjustments to your sleep habits based on your 23andMe profile, and, um, project infrared light to supposedly help with under eye circles.
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GitPals will help you to find a team or a talented developer for working on projects together. Or you can apply to any project that match your skills and keep working on achieving high quality result. All you need is to have Github account with some project to let people know what you prefer to develop.

Grids wifi is an innovative start up that provides internet connection to the city of ilorin using wifi technology, we want to scale it and make people life more better bye giving free wifi, if you think we should support us bye upvoting. And we would still be selling our subscription packages to our users. simplifying things is the best way.

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Nigeria is never a smart city, the grid is it's hope.

PlutoX is the ideal drone kit for hardware and software prototyping. The nano drone is made of the most modular flight controller (board): PrimusX, and comes with an easy-to-code software. In a first at its price, the kit also come with an image processing camera for you to test your drone mapping ideas.

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Unboxing the PlutoX Drone from Drona Aviation
I'm looking at PlutoX from Drona Aviation for potential integration into DroneBlocks. It looks to be a highly capable micro drone with modular add-ons. You can learn more about it here: See more
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Meet the PlutoX: an open source drone kit with everything you need to take your aerial robotics game to the next level. The PlutoX comes with WiFi, range sensor, motors, propellers, and DIY projects for you to try. It can be coded with Cygnus IDE.Must see robots & drones: YI Erida Tricopter Drone with 4K ...
"My drone's propeller is broken!" "My RC car is missing a wheel." "This computer needs to be replaced because of one fried chip on its board." "Update the aerodynamic design? We'll have to launch a whole new product for that." Such statements are what common users, manufacturers, industrial designers and companies fear deeply; a trivial [...]
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If you wanted to tinker with a drone, without burning your bank account, this is it

PrimusX is the ultimate maker's flight controller (board) that allows seamless hardware and software integration. Some have made it a Land Rover, some a blimp. It comes with 10 DOF Sensor Suit, 4 H-Bridge Drivers + 4 Mosfets, Wifi enabled, 256kb STM32F303 controller and 20-pin header UniBus.

The idea behind RAWGraphs is to provide a tool that allows people without coding skills to produce visualizations on their own.
Instead of selling licenses or premium versions RAWGraphs wants to stay opensource and free for everyone.

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