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September 1st, 2018


Identify the software used on the websites you visit

Celik Nimani- Entrepreneur & Product Developer
One of the best tools for web developers. Get to know the tech stack behind a website instantly. And you can also see additional information on their website if you hit one of the tech stacks from the plugin.
JosΓ© Adan- IT Consultant, Front-End Developer
Best tool for web developers.
Mohammed Ridwan- Software Engineer @ShopifyPlus.
Incredibly useful to see what front end stacks sites are using sometimes :)
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Dark Reader

Care your eyes, invert page colors, use dark theme for night

Gabriel Lewis- πŸ€”
A dark mode for Chrome! It's great for working late at night.
Gabriel Ribeiro- PC Maintenance Tech
Thanks for sharing this. I was using Stylish before. Also a good recommendation.
Ryan Karlson
Ahhhhhh...also just helps me read

Klart is a friendly bookmarking service for designers 😊

Rob Butz- Developer, Oxygen Smith
I really like Klart and they're working to improve it all the time.
Tekeste Kidanu
Hands down the most beautiful bookmarking website.
Drikerf- Making
I use Klart for all my bookmarks, research and design inspiration. I love to have everything on one organized place, regardless of browser or device. Disclaimer: I made it πŸ˜„.
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