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July 1st, 2018

GIMP Online

Powerful graphics editor in the cloud

When most of us are looking for a photo-editing tool, we immediately think of Photoshop. Adobe's program is powerful and popular, but it's pricey at $100-and that's for the "light" version called Photoshop Elements. Meanwhile, $20 per month is the standard charge for individual one-app subscriptions to Photoshop Creative Cloud.
Over six months ago, I stopped using Adobe Photoshop and switched to the open source alternative, GIMP, for all my personal photography projects. This wasn't the impossible task that most people believe it is. This post originally appeared on Riley Brandt's Photography Blog. Users often claim that Photoshop is absolutely essential to their workflow.
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Pablo 2.0 by Buffer

Create beautiful images to fit all social networks perfectly

Veronica Belmont- Destroyer of Worlds (and PM at Disco)
I use Pablo a ton, and I really love that it adds a beautifully designed visual element to my posts. It's extremely easy to use.
Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
I know you're looking for videos, but Pablo is amazing for creating images. I suppose you could always string them together for a video. ☺️
Stuart Logan- CEO, Twine: marketplace of creatives
If you want it for social, use Pablo. Simple and effective.
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Ivan Mir- maker of Qbserve time tracking app
They have awesome weekly articles on design trends.
Bastien- Gobelins Student & Awwwards Young Jury
Get some inspiration, once a day, and find some interesting articles about design.
Mammad Emin- Product Designer
It's great Chrome extension for learning something new everyday
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Edit PSD, XCF, Sketch and other images inside a browser!

Photopea is a free online image editor, that runs in a browser without any plugins. It has the full support for PSD files (layer styles, smart objects etc.).

The second besti viewer of Sketch files (after Sketch App). Convert between Sketch, PSD and other formats.

Bryan Lewis- Working on: The Gospel Composed
I've used Photopea in the past when I've needed to edit .PSDs specifically on a computer without Photoshop. It carries with it the complexities of Photoshop. and can be a little unwieldy and laggy, but if you are looking for a comparable feature set to Photoshop and to export to .PSD, Photopea will do the job—

Klart is a friendly bookmarking service for designers 😊

Drikerf- Making
I've been looking for a good bookmarking tool for a quite some time. I've realized that a good visual impression is important for me to get an overview of my bookmarks. Klart allows me to save bookmarks together with a full resolution screenshot, tags and notes and this suits me perfectly. It's also good for collaboration since you can create collections for… See more
Drikerf- Making
I use Klart for all my bookmarks, research and design inspiration. I love to have everything on one organized place, regardless of browser or device. Disclaimer: I made it 😄.
Rob Butz- Developer, Oxygen Smith
I really like Klart and they're working to improve it all the time.
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