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September 1st, 2018

Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
Aside from the Macbook and Facebook, this is the one I think everyone should read, even if they're not a designer. Donald Norman is a master of explaining design concepts and making them interesting for anyone. He updated the book with more current examples in the latest release, but it was originally published in 1988. You know it's a classic when people st… See more
David White- Working on digital health at Philips CSV
The essential guide to design for people who aren't designers - and that includes me....
Alexandre Broudin- UI/UX Designer
It changed my life

Creativity, Inc.

Remarkable Insights by the President of Disney & Pixar

Avi Zuber- Software Engineer @ DreamCloud
This book talks about the importance of being candid, caring for employees, thinking outside the box and creating a culture that fosters creativity. Many of the points are shared through behind-the-scenes stories from classic Pixar movies, which makes it a very easy and enjoyable read.
Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
This is one of my favorite books of all time and I love giving it to others. There's a lot to connect with and (1) I love Pixar, and (2) Ed Catmull is a master at managing creative endeavors. At the time of publishing, some now released movies (including Inside Out) were in the concept phase, so you get to see a midpoint snapshot of where they were. Fun fact… See more
Avi Zuber- Software Engineer @ DreamCloud
So much to learn about working as part of a team, the importance of being candid, not giving up, building a positive company culture and how to deal with living on the edge of failure.
4 Alternatives to Creativity, Inc.

The Design of Everyday Things

How product design satisfies or frustrates customers

Francis- Co-founder at @Collectiv
Another book I would like to add to this list. Probably not a Startup book, but very useful when designing or building anything. If your startup is making something, this book will help you with seeing your objectives from different angles.
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