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July 1st, 2019

Collaborating online has never been easier: reach anyone instantly, no install or sign up required with

Simply create a room and share the link. ✉️

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Sylaps Blog
It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce to you that Sylaps Inc is joining J & B Medical Supply and HNC Virtual Solutions Family of Companies. As the platform serves a great deal of medical and healthcare clients, we are excited to see how they can integrate their expertise and existing digital software in order to make ...
Congrats to the @sylapsinc team - a small #WebRTC CPaaS - on being acquired; looks like they'll be doing more #telehealth: J & B Medical Supply and HNC Virtual Solutions Add Sylaps Inc. to Family of Companies
We are excited to announce majority ownership of the @SylapsInc platform! Sylaps is a free #video conferencing service web app that provides video or audio calls, chat, and file sharing. Find out more:
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Chatvisor sends news/events as private Facebook messages

Our Growth Tools (e.g. comment watcher, subscription box) turn your community to subscribers. With Broadcasts you can send customized news to the right customers as private messages. The Article Management (automatically) manages all information (e.g. all web shop products). Analytics show reach, top interactors, etc. Only 3 clicks to get started!

Create a unique web experience for each of your users

Adapti is a tool to help you create a unique web experience for each of your users.

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Le Quotidien
L'entreprise a développé un service de personnalisation de sites web en temps réel en fonction du profil du visiteur. Rencontre avec Antoine Granjon et Bastian Jakobsen, les cofondateurs de la start-up installée au Lux Future Lab. On ne peut pas y échapper. Et tout un chacun en a déjà fait l'expérience.
Trade and Invest
Antoine Granjon, Adapti CEO:- Initially, we had been looking for office space around Luxembourg. Thanks to the start-up ecosystem in Luxembourg being so well connected, Diego De Biasio from Technoport suggested the Fit 4 Start programme to us.
In June 2016, Antoine Granjon and Bastian Jakobsen founded a start-up offering a boutique service enabling websites to personalise content and design based on the profile of the user in real time. We caught up with the start-up's founders.
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Move away from Email based or SaaS based support system.

If you are thinking of moving away from Email-based or SaaS-based support, then WSDesk is just the right thing for you. This is an easy-to-use and feature-rich WordPress Helpdesk Plugin that will help you manage your customer queries efficiently. WSDesk also integrates with your WooCommerce-based website effortlessly.

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WSDesk Helpdesk
In today's business world, customer satisfaction plays a very important role. Every business, be it online or offline, is actively investing in customers and improving customer support. We at WSDesk, understand this too. This is the reason WSDesk is developed for the customers, with the help and feedback from our customers.
WSDesk Helpdesk
When you are provided with a number of options it might get difficult to choose the right one. Such is the case with the WordPress Support plugins. Finally ending up with the right one is very important. Thus, we present before you a detailed comparison of WSDesk and Awesome Support based on the following criteria.
WSDesk Helpdesk
Today, customer satisfaction defines how well a company is doing. To ensure that you have a loyal and satisfied customer base, you need to invest more time and money to provide great support to your customers. This article will help you in choosing an outstanding helpdesk for your online store.
WSDesk Helpdesk
Zendesk Inc. is an American customer service software company based in San Francisco, California. Zendesk builds software for better customer relationships This article is intended to explain the simple steps of importing tickets from Zendesk to WSDesk. Here it goes - Go to Import Section under WSDesk Menu and Choose From Zendesk Tab.
WSDesk Helpdesk
In addition to various other useful features, WSDesk provides support for multi-vendor solutions as well. This allows your customers to select vendor of their respective product while raising a ticket in the contact form. Also, vendors can view tickets that are addressed to them and view general reports.

Create your own private social network

Unaty is the best software platform to build, engage and grow your digital Community. Modern solutions to standardize structures, personalize communication, and increase awareness.

Sean McCall
Sean McCall- Co-Founder & CEO @ Unaty
If you're looking to plan events with the same group of people more than once, you might want to give this a try - you can invite everyone to your digital community - you can create events and invite your members, track attendance, send event updates, share files and photos, and more. Does this sound like it could help?

Transform your CX with rapid customer journey automation

IMIconnect enables rapid automation of multi-channel customer journeys. The platform opens up access to customers anywhere in the world on any channel - SMS, voice, push, in-app, Facebook & other messaging apps, and allows customer interactions to be orchestrated with backend systems.

The Smart Phone Number every small to medium business needs

We're an intelligent phone number you list on your website & marketing channels, then route calls and texts to your personal or business line.

It tracks where your calls/texts come from like your Google listing vs Yelp, and allows you to respond to texts from any device, even slack.

Send texts to groups, & review call recordings for training.

Convert incoming customer texts into Intercom conversation

Intercom via SMS is an integration for Intercom to let your customers or leads text you and your support agents can reply to them directly from Intercom as text message. Goal is to make customers happier and close more deals by offering personal attention to customers - at scale, without changing their behaviour and without losing any productivity

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Cloud-based phone system for small businesses. Instant setup - no hardware or deskphones. Get international phone numbers in 58 countries. Integrates with Zendesk, Intercom, Zoho and more.
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Smart Insights from Conversations using NLP and AI

Sayint conversation analytics helps organizations analyse and audit conversations automatically, provide insight into operations and integration with various departments. Sayint helps analyse and improve processes that can lead to capturing missed product up sell opportunities, lowering post-sale issues, customer DSAT, and measuring analytics

gvs chaitanya
gvs chaitanya- GrowthHacker- strategic-marketing - Its a Great SaaS product for Content centres to Understand Agent performance analytics during a call.
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Microsoft Customers Stories
A call center may receive thousands of calls per hour. Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, Sayint simplifies the task of monitoring those calls by using artificial intelligence (AI) to help its clients assess each and every call for compliance, performance, and business insights.
Thank you for your overwhelming response to Microsoft Machine Learning Server and SQL Server Machine Learning Services. We are humbled to see the millions of installs since we first launched Microsoft R Server in 2016, and the pace is only accelerating!

Having problem with managing variations on your e-shop, Don’t worry. Woocommerce Product Variation table provide you the power to manage your all variations in a simple look, that help your customers to select his/her desire choice and help shop owner to increase the profit and build a customer trust.

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Engage anyone around on mobile without apps!

Beeem enables you to use digital marketing in your physical store locations. Using Beeem's simple drag-n-drop service, you can engage customers to go into your stores and then offer instantly available mobile content on phones inside the store available on most iOS and Android devices.

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Stacey on IoT | Internet of Things news and analysis
Get ready for your real-world shopping to follow you onto your Facebook page. Everyone has been chased around the internet by a pair of shoes or a piece of furniture you've researched online. Thanks to a slew of startups, efforts by Google and advances in Bluetooth, the next time you research a product at a ...
Google is betting on beacons. They aren't the first, but this time it's with a twist. It initially struck us as odd, that though beacons as a concept have been around for a long time (Apple launched iBeacon in 2013, and we even accelerated an iBeacon startup back then), we had very rarely seen any really practical use case for them.
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