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October 1st, 2018

The New Generation Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

HooFoo is a dynamic tech company on the cutting edge of cryptocurrency developments. They are happy to offer the first hot and cold combination wallet, designed to secure and simplify cryptocurrency transactions using iOS and Android devices.

Lampix is limited only by your imagination. That’s why we’ve created the PIX blockchain token system. PIX allows businesses and individuals to request and submit object reference images and category descriptions for the benefit of Lampix users and beyond.

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Lampix merges computer vision, machine learning and blockchain-based image mining
VR/AR Association - The VRARA
We've made Lampix Developer Edition as open and simple as possible. Leverage our powerful object detection system with your own HTML5 based apps. Need reference images for your app to recognize specific objects? Set a bounty and let the community come to your aid.
We're live on Kickstarter We're excited to announce that starting March 16, 2018, our funding campaign is live on Kickstarter. This marks the next step in bringing groundbreaking personal-touch, no-screen tabletop augmented reality to market. Lampix now joins the revolutionary list of voice, virtual reality, augmented
Lampix is a smart interactive projector and camera system that recognizes hands and objects to transform any existing horizontal surface into an interactive one. Lampix uses the power of computer vision combined with high definition video projection to provide a dazzling digital experience without the use of screens ri

A smart keychain to transfer your cryptos with just one scan

A simple, smart and elegant keychain that lets you receive and send cryptocurrencies with just one scan. Think of it as your crypto ID, which allows you to trade easily in a few seconds, and is 100% safe since no currencies are stored on it. We transform your public receiving code into your unique QR engraved on your Kreypto keychain.

360Lock is smart multifunctional padlock. By the accessories can be used a security case or folding bike lock. Further modules will be launched after the kickstarter campaign. The NFC/Bluetooth enable the sharing from remote and the operation can be certified by the blockchain on Ethereum.

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360LOCK is a fully customizable smart padlock with essential accessories for small objects storage, bicycles and many more to come.
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