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August 1st, 2019

The New Generation Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

HooFoo is a dynamic tech company on the cutting edge of cryptocurrency developments. They are happy to offer the first hot and cold combination wallet, designed to secure and simplify cryptocurrency transactions using iOS and Android devices.

Lampix is limited only by your imagination. That’s why we’ve created the PIX blockchain token system. PIX allows businesses and individuals to request and submit object reference images and category descriptions for the benefit of Lampix users and beyond.

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Lampix merges computer vision, machine learning and blockchain-based image mining
VR/AR Association - The VRARA
We've made Lampix Developer Edition as open and simple as possible. Leverage our powerful object detection system with your own HTML5 based apps. Need reference images for your app to recognize specific objects? Set a bounty and let the community come to your aid.
We're live on Kickstarter We're excited to announce that starting March 16, 2018, our funding campaign is live on Kickstarter. This marks the next step in bringing groundbreaking personal-touch, no-screen tabletop augmented reality to market. Lampix now joins the revolutionary list of voice, virtual reality, augmented
Lampix is a smart interactive projector and camera system that recognizes hands and objects to transform any existing horizontal surface into an interactive one. Lampix uses the power of computer vision combined with high definition video projection to provide a dazzling digital experience without the use of screens ri

A smart keychain to transfer your cryptos with just one scan

A simple, smart and elegant keychain that lets you receive and send cryptocurrencies with just one scan. Think of it as your crypto ID, which allows you to trade easily in a few seconds, and is 100% safe since no currencies are stored on it. We transform your public receiving code into your unique QR engraved on your Kreypto keychain.

360Lock is smart multifunctional padlock. By the accessories can be used a security case or folding bike lock. Further modules will be launched after the kickstarter campaign. The NFC/Bluetooth enable the sharing from remote and the operation can be certified by the blockchain on Ethereum.

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360LOCK is a fully customizable smart padlock with essential accessories for small objects storage, bicycles and many more to come.

World's First Role-playing Blockchain Game on 1v1 Fantasy

9Lives Arena is a unique RPG that is focused on 1v1 in combination with an AI companion "Ooogy" that works for the player even when they are offline.

It has made headlines by being one of the blockchain games to boast high fidelity 3D graphics that match any mainstream games.

It reached its Kickstarter goal within 24hs! Now on to stretch goals!

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Since the invention of the internet, very few things have impacted sports and gaming. A form of medium that was so impactful it let you play against someone across the world. No other sport can claim that. Now we have Enjin. What's that?
The Crypto Collectors
Today, Touchhour Inc. has announced that multiverse items will be offered to backers of the 9Lives Arena Kickstarter campaign . The Forgehammer, Epochrome Sword, and Mike "the Hungoverlord"-the first three multiverse items to be announced-will be available to campaign supporters.
Blockchain gaming centres itself on breaking boundaries and innovating. Touchhour, an Ontario-based game developer, is taking that concept to heart in the development of their game, 9 Lives Arena which was announced earlier this week. 9 Lives Arena is a PvP role-playing game and is one of the first blockchain games to be designed for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.
ENJINのプラットフォームを使っていて注目が集まっている、アクションRPG「9LIVES」のキックスターター(クラウドファンディング)での資金調達が始まりました。 9LIVESのゲーム解説は「【超期待!】対戦型アクションRPG「9LIVES」とは?|ENJINのブロックチェーンゲーム 」を御覧ください。期待している理由がわかりますよ! キックスターターに参加する ...
dApps market~ブロックチェーンアプリ評価・ゲーム攻略・口コミまとめ~
9Lives Arenaとは1vs1のバトルがメインのアクションRPGです。 動画を見ると分かりますが、昔プレステなどで流行った鬼武者やダークソウルのようなゲームをイメージしてもらえればと思います。 このゲームもダプマで取り上げている仮想通貨ゲームの1つのなのですが、 とにかくクオリティの高さに驚きです。 これまでのゲームはどことなくアクション性や演出の少ないものばかりでした。 ...
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9Lives Arena is an RPG game with a focus on 1v1 fantasy PVP. They've made headlines previously by being one of the first blockchain games to boast high fidelity 3D graphics, as well as positioning themselves in a strategic partnership with Enjin. The game of course is built on Ethereum, and they're back again in... Crypto & Games
9 Lives Arena Game Aiming to be the first Cross-Platform Blockchain Game, the development team plans to bring you a unique PVP Experience in PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 9Lives Arena is the first RPG focusing at 1vs1 fantasy PvP. Start the game by creating your own, unique champion on the blockchain with advanced customization abilities. Crypto & Games
The Kickstarter Campaign of the long-waited Blockchain game 9Lives Arena is now live with exclusive items and benefits for the early backers, including a special secret reward. The upcoming ENJ Powered game is available in the Kickstarter platform for crowdfunding from millions of potential players and backers who are not familiar with cryptocurrency.
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