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September 1st, 2019

The world's most advanced measuring cup

Euclid is the first measuring cup to measure small amounts and large amounts with equal accuracy. Since recipes are all about ratios, that consistent accuracy across different amounts is essential.

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Kitchen robot with multi-zone cooking & refrigeration

Suvie is a WiFi-enabled countertop multi-zone cooker and refrigerator that easily turns four individual meal components — raw proteins, fresh vegetables, dry starches, and chef-designed sauces — into one perfectly cooked, restaurant quality meal that’s ready whenever you want it to be.

4 Alternatives to Suvie

Quality Kitchen Knives Worthy of a Chef’s Cuts

The Vie Belles Reserve Knife Series are an indispensable cutting tool that every kitchen needs, backed by a lifetime warranty!

There is nothing more valuable than being able to purchase a quality product that lasts a lifetime! Behind its beautiful looks is a capable blade that can take care of multiple jobs.

Barbecue notes & perfected recipes

Wether you have an off set barbecue pit, vertical smoker, pellet smoker, drum style smoker or, a grill the Pitmaster's Log Book is your one essential accessory.

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