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July 1st, 2019

Filtru is a handy coffee timer with step-by-step recipes for all coffee enthusiasts, or connect Bluetooth scale for real-time guidance.

Featured in TIME, Caffeine Magazine and Tele5 Polska, Filtru makes a perfect companion for any coffee aficionado.

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Filtru has brewing guides for 9 popular brewing devices; French Press, Moka Pot, Siphon, Kalita Wave, Bee House Dripper, Chemex, AeroPress, Hario V60 and Bonmac Dripper. For each brewing method, the app gives a brief description and basic instructions for those who have never used the device before - or if you are just curious to learn more.
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The Spoon
I am a self-admitted coffee snob, but I'm fully aware that most people don't want to put the time and effort into the minute measuring, timing, and coordination that it takes to make a top-notch cup of joe. However, if you are one of those people - or want to become one - Filtru was made for you.

Bored? Meet and find friends spontaneously in one tap! Ꙭ

Are you bored? Wanna be spontaneous?

IveTime stands for "I have time" Ꙭ.

Who of my friends have time - right now?

Press the IveTime Button: IveTime tells you.

No idea where to meet?!

IveTime suggests you a venue in the middle - fair for all, isn't it?

No idea what to do?!

Let IveTime make a guess for you.

The multi-device office drink round app

Tea Minus allows teams to take the stress out of the office drink round. Load up the app start a drink round and your team will be notified that a round has started and are given the chance to add their drinks. After three minutes the app will stop the round and choose the drink maker. The drink maker will be given a handy list of drinks to make.

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Get rewarded for showing love to your favourite brands

Pukket is a way to get loyalty rewards from your fave brands.

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Here is the thing, this ad-driven economy was never built to serve the people. What we are giving away in terms of our digital footprint in return for the services mentioned earlier, is valuable enough to give life to a $300 billion-dollar industry.
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The world's most advanced system for serving artisanal coffee, tea, and more. Utilizing an industrial robot arm with a quirky personality, Cafe X's Robotic Coffee Bars are capable of consistently producing up to three drinks in 40 seconds. With the mobile app, guests can order ahead and pick up their drink within seconds.

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Find the best places in town, at any moment, from real users

uVibe shows you the best places to go out on the town, at any moment.

We listen to social signals in real time and then, based on your preferences, we recommend the best places to go out in your city. uVibe has got you covered whether you want to eat, drink, dance or just hang out with friends.

Romeo Onisim
Romeo Onisim- Backend Developer, Co-founder, Maker
You can try out uVibe. It sorts all the places by the realtime checkins rather than sorting them by reviews. It helped me out when going out to new cities.
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Real time guide for the best places in town

Tap away to invite and serve coffee lovers,
Grow your coffee business empire,
Brew the most artisanal caffeine products,
and manage cafés all around the world!

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Our first title, Idle Coffee Corp, is available globally as of last Thursday! ... then it all happened so fast, we've just counted the beans and are extremely proud to announce the milestone of first million downloads! 🚀🚀🚀 It's a big milestone for us to reach global launch together with BoomBit and Superscale.
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