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December 1st, 2018

Ditch your todo list for an intelligent schedule

R A I Z A- 🍝 Product Manager | Spaghetti Aficionado
This is a todo list + task management system that looks at how "busy" I am and how much free time I have. So far enjoying it - and if you want to try it, I have a referral link here!
joshua bradley
joshua bradley- Passionate about making life better
Simply the best way to actually put the done in your to do lists. Automagically scheduled into your calendar, focused on what you need to do right now
Taylor Banks
Taylor Banks
While I use this in conjunction with Trello (currently via Zapier, native Trello integration coming soon), used alone it is still vastly superior to any traditional task list I used previously, as scheduling tasks into my day has vastly improved my success rate with accomplishing the things I add to my list. Highly, highly recommended!
6 Alternatives to Focuster

Dynamic project management tool for technology teams

Scott Swanson
Scott Swanson- Marketing, Apptio
LiquidPlanner's predictive scheduling system is hugely useful and better than anything else I've ever seen.

Things you love straight to your calendar. Wanna know... Check Calio!

Art exhibitions, talks, or sports fixtures with Calio it's easy to get events you love straight to your calendar app!

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Last month in London, "The Social Paradox" group exhibition opened its doors for the weekend at the Stolen Space Gallery, a show focusing and highlighting people's over reliance on technology and social media. The exhibition was curated by Rom Levy.
UKTN (UK Tech News)
Latif Baluch, co-founder of Calio, a personal calendar app, explains how tech startups can harness the power of events on a budget and with limited resources. It's tough to get traction as a startup. In the beginning it's hard to grow a following, develop a strong product and make everything work on a limited budget.
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4 Alternatives to Calio - Calendar

Productivity software for Wellness Boutique Business

A cloud based great management and sourcing software built for cross platforms to enhance productivity of the wellness boutique (studios), that creates user centric engagement for wellness enthusiasts and provides an unparalleled integration between all associated stakeholders.

Direct Communication Management & Automation Tool

Schedule WhatsApp messages, SMS, Calls, Emails, & more to be sent automatically at the best time, or set reminders for them. SKEDit is ideal if you want to increase engagement with your customers, automate internal communication with your team, or simply to stay on top of your communication with family & friends. Get SKEDit now for FREE

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Meetter is a web conferencing software with autonomous scheduler optimized for less distraction, smaller and focused video calls. Best suited for distributed/remote companies.

Gene Podolyak
Gene Podolyak- Co-Founder of Meetter
Remote teams often struggle from a lot of distraction caused by meetings. With Meetter teams can pick the time on the intersection of timezones and let Meetter find a most optimal schedule for all the discussions based on priority & participants. We use Meetter ourselves on a daily basis as it is super important for a remote team to communicate efficien… See more
4 Alternatives to Meetter
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