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November 1st, 2018

Google Calendar

Spend less time managing your day, now on iOS

Omer Molad
Omer Molad- Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe
Pretty easy to use Google's calendar function for scheduling discussions across multiple timezones. Video link is added automatically.
Nirant Kasliwal
Nirant Kasliwal- Maker, Engineer, <3 from India
This is probably the most common tool which is not used well. To me the formula is simple now: Better you manage your calendars the more you can have fun!
Laura Roeder
Laura Roeder- Founder, MeetEdgar & Ropig
TIME BLOCKING is everything! So this is my most important tool for making my resolutions happen.
13 Alternatives to Google Calendar 3.0

Organize all aspects of your life with

Nik Sudan
Nik Sudan- Games & Systems Developer
Even though this comes with a detailed calendar view and such, I like seeing my tasks grouped as a simple scrollable list consisting of "Today", "Tomorrow", "Upcoming" and "Someday". Swiping them off to emulate a crossing out action is satisfying too!
Roy Granit
Roy Granit- Co-Founder at
Great cross platform app with an AI assistant
Ilya Azovtsev πŸ’Œ+πŸ€–=πŸš€
Ilya Azovtsev πŸ’Œ+πŸ€–=πŸš€- Help sales team close more in less time
Love it :)
17 Alternatives to 3.0


Automatically silence your phone during calendar events

With Polite, your phone will automatically go into silent mode (or vibrate mode) at the right times. You can choose specific times in your weekly schedule to automatically enter silent mode. You can also have your phone enter silent mode during calendar events in your calendar app.

1 Alternatives to Polite

My Study Life

A planner designed to make your study life easier to manage.

Chevy- Audiovisual and Multimedia Communicator
This is the best planner I used for my college days. You can access it on the web, iOS and Android and the way it handles Years, Terms, Semesters, Classes, Homeworks, and Exams is the best I found. This was the ultimate app for me to keep track of everything related to college and my duties with it.


Keep a private diary without having to type a single line.

Mario- Cycling, photography, tech support
I'm using Daylio for 644 days, very fast entries, it's a mood tracker + journal, if you feel like writing. Used Day One back in the day, but I'm not really a diary person and once I stopped using iPhones, I needed something that will work on Android. The developer is very responsive, which I appreciate a lot.
Smokie- Smokie Does Stuff
Choose an icon to represent your mood, save and done. Or write what you did, or choose some common activities. Includes reminders and trends. However you want to journal, Daylio can help you get into the habit.
Dave Mackey
Dave Mackey- IT Director, Liquid Church
I find this to be quite helpful in finding patterns in my moods...also to see when my subjective perception of my ongoing experience (e.g. whether I am happy or sad over a period of time) is matched by the actual data I have recorded. Ohh, and I'm not huge on recording things, but Daylio makes it so simple! Hope we'll see similar apps for other sorts of log… See more
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