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September 1st, 2018


Keep track of your brand online.

BRAND24 is a social media monitoring & analytics tool to track and engage online conversations relevant to your business in real time.

Jakub Rogalski- Community Manager at Brand24
While we're all about social media monitoring (and I noticed you were not looking for a listening tool), the tool provides a range of analytical features such as calculating the number of mentions and estimated social media reach across different platforms, sentiment analysis, or the influence score of the authors of collected mentions. You can also easily f… See more
Daria Zwierz- Online Community Enthusiast
A very good tool!
Jakub Rogalski- Community Manager at Brand24
This is a slightly biased recommendation but I reckon a social media monitoring tool is a must-have in a social media manager's toolkit. There's more to this tool than just monitoring keyword mentions and you can make use of analytical features measuring the performance of your brand on social media with metrics such as a number of mentions, social media rea… See more
G2 Crowd
G2 Crowd's Top 50 Small-Business Software Products list showcases the software that small-business users have rated highly, based on customer satisfaction score. Customer satisfaction scores are determined based on reviewers' likeliness to recommend the product to a friend or colleague. The small-business segment is defined as users at companies with 50 or f… See more
Last month an article on Chief Marketer on local marketing included the following statement: " Consumers are the center of their own worlds, and marketers-from big businesses to small-must determine what shoppers care about at a local level." I absolutely love that, which is why I used it verbatim.
Social media is here to stay in the marketing world and, by all accounts, it will only further penetrate all aspects of life and work. As we enter 2016, many social-media experts are already forecasting the direction of social media in the new year.
New startups form limited liability companies (LLCs) and raise funding every day. Each startup needs a laundry list of technology to get up and running in a modern office setting. Luckily, we test plenty of new hardware, software, and services in the PCMag Labs each month to figure out the products best suited for your business (so you don't have to).
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Logo Foundry

Create professional logos in minutes on your phone

Logo Foundry is a professional Logo Design Suite App for Android and iOS that lets you create professional branding for your business in Minutes!

Your startup may not be ready to launch just yet, but you are working hard to get it there. If so, you would need a presentable logo for your...
Without a doubt, mobile phones dominate the world. In 2014, nearly 60 percent of the population worldwide already owned a mobile phone. This phenomenon changed the way people work, live and design. Mobile apps became so powerful and efficient that in most cases it's better to work on your mobile device instead of reaching out your computer.
The Next Web
If you don't already have a startup or #brand, chances are you're thinking about creating one. A new app named Logo Foundry for iOS and Android can help by - you guessed it - creating a snappy logo for you. You'll still have to do some work to get there, though.
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Brand24 Mobile App 2.0

Online mentions relevant to your brand at your fingertips.

Brand24 Mobile App 2.0 is the perfect companion app for Brand24 social media monitoring and analytics tool. Designed so you can conveniently track and engage real-time conversations about your brand and products, wherever you are.

Jakub Rogalski- Community Manager at Brand24
At Brand24, we recently re-released our app that will help you manage your web monitoring and most important keyword mentions on the go. The app gives you access to your mentions no matter where you are - at work, home, gym or stuck in traffic. Keep up with industry news and what's being said about your brand and product.… See more
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Search and compare cheap flights at best prices.

We search and compare cheap flights and travel deals at best prices (zero additional charges) from more travel and airline sites than anyone else, helping you save on air tickets.


The platform to monetize all your content

New social influence platform that allows anyone to become a trendsetter & start monetizing. Users can create their own marketplace (like Pinboards) w/ products, blogs, & videos from any site. TrendBrew makes content shoppable. As followers from other social networks shop virtual stores, these influencers start earning commission on every purchase.

Priyanka Nathani- Digital Marketing Director, Trendbrew
ALWAYS!! I love to see trending products and content by bloggers I follow :)
Priyanka Nathani- Digital Marketing Director, Trendbrew
Because I love to set new trends and save time & money while shopping :)
Priyanka Nathani- Digital Marketing Director, Trendbrew
Yes, we have been working on creating TrendBrew's social commerce platform for the past 3 years. It's like Facebook and Amazon with influencers all put together on one platform! We released our beta version in 2016 and launched our web/mobile apps in Nov 2017. We are working hard on getting traction now.
TrendBrew helps influencers like you to Influence more, Connect more and Earn more! TrendBrew's unique Social Influence platform connects you to 1000s of brands and your followers in an ecommerce ecosystem. You can easily aggregate all the products you advocate and the awesome blogs, videos and pictures you create in your very own Marketplace on TrendBrew.
TrendBrew:The new age Social Commerce platform to monetize purchases and influences
No Passive Income
If you are somebody who is creative and likes sharing ideas, TrendBrew is the site for you. You can become an influencer, link products to blogs and videos, and earn a commission when shoppers buy what you suggest. Let's see how Trendbrew works and how you can sign up and make money.
CAIRO - 11 October 2017: One of the concepts that have really intrigued people since the invention of the internet is online shopping, and an Egyptian-made app may have just revolutionized that.
Cairo Scene
In Cairo, one could easily lose their foot to unearth garment gems from any of the city's countless clothing stores and fashion websites. One trip to a mall in, let's say, New Cairo, means you're definitely missing out on other fabulous options in Sheikh Zayed or Mohandsin.


The Trusted Social-Business Network

GrowZila is a platform that helps start-ups, businesses, organizations, and individuals present their capabilities and offerings to each-other. Connect with the business network you have today and grow it to access new markets, suppliers, distributors and customers. Manage sales, delivery, support and new ventures on your business network.


App for remote working with customers and partners

It's essentially a work platform for entrepreneurs, startups and small to medium sized businesses who have a need to work with clients, customers and partners, with no limitations on who, how or in what combination.

2015年初我们创建了NOMAD LABS公司,并开始为日本两大知名公司MUJI( )和ZENSHO ( )针对产品和品牌开发提供服务。 ...
2015년 초 설립된 Nomad Labs는 일본 최대 브랜드 무인양품(MUJI)과 젠쇼(ZENSHO)의 상품&브랜드 개발을 컨설팅해왔습니다. 무인양품은 간결함의 미학과 실용성을 겸비한 일본 라이프스타일 브랜드로, 인테리어, 의류, 음식 등 라이프스타일 전반을 아우르는 아이템을 다루고 있습니다. 규동 프랜차이즈 스키야로 유명한 젠쇼그룹은 다양한 포맷과 채널에서 5000여개가 넘는 매장을 보유하고 있습니다.
In early 2015 we created NOMAD LABS and began working in product and brand development for two of Japan's largest brands, MUJI ( and ZENSHO ( MUJI is well known as Japan's quintessential lifestyle brand with a sleek and modern Japanese aesthetic in home, apparel and food focused on the rationalization of product function and … See more


A social media tool that lets anyone become an influencer

For small brands that need to get a good position in the digital world, Wibber is web app that allows you to reach your target audience, boost your diffusion and manage your digital media thanks to a system of intelligent recommendations, in just a few minutes of use per day. We are also developing an iOS and Android app with all Wibber features.

Wibber es la única aplicación web que reduce toda la incertidumbre en cada una de las publicaciones de Twitter La iniciativa muestra a sus usuarios los hashtags de mayor impacto ajustados al contenido de sus publicaciones para que su alcance se multiplique Wibber es unSaaS que desarrolla apps para optimizar el marketing en redes sociales.
Spin-off de la UPM especializada en software semántico para ayudar a las empresas a sacar el máximo partido a su información, conectando bases de datos y documentales a gran escala y sin esfuerzo. Tienen desarrollado y comercializado el producto "Marimba" para la Biblioteca Nacional y llevan 8 meses desarrollando un producto complementario con énfasis en mod… See more
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Don't have a dog? This app let's you play with one!

Pupprrr is an app that lets people without dogs order up a playdate with a local pup...and part of the proceeds go to help rescue dogs!

We Americans are a dog loving people. Half of all American homes have at least one dog, many have more. 70% of people describe themselves as dog people and one in five people say they like dogs better than other humans. We are not alone in that love.
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The community-based video interview platform

LAMA is the video interview platform geared towards helping entrepreneurs and founders to promote themselves and learn from each other.

We provide a team of professional journalists and a curated interview page that can be used for marketing and personal branding of our interviewees, and content for publications and media outlets.

In "The New Rules of Work," their wildly successful advice book for millennials entering the workforce, Alexandra Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew, founders of The Muse, devote an entire chapter to the rules of building a personal brand. The powerhouse duo declares that personal branding is no longer nice to have but a must-have for young professionals.
Who we are Hey there! We're Alex, Mario, and Robert, the co-founders of LAMA, the video Q&A app that connects people in the startup world. We come from Austria, Poland and Italy, and LAMA is the second app we've developed!
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