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March 1st, 2019

Free Roboadvisor - Build Your Portfolio and Trade Anywhere

Free financial advice. We are professional scientific researchers and have re-invented passive investment strategies and many other financial models. We'd love to share our knowledge. Our models run daily with real-time data exchange to ensure that all portfolios are up-to-date. The results will be sent to you for free via email.

The first social calendar with ticketing services and reward

Our mission is to improve the social events and events industry in order to encourage people to do more activities in real life by rewarding their participation.

The first social calendar that allows event organizers to reward in cash the live recommendations of their participants.

1 Alternatives to Timenote

Shop together on your phone through games

Wentao Xiao
Wentao Xiao
I use this to check out the newest fashion trends and talk to my friends about it!
Wentao Xiao
Wentao Xiao
If it's an important day I will use this to ask my friends what I should wear in the morning.
Wentao Xiao
Wentao Xiao
Zealery allows boutique stores and designers to sell commission-free on the mobile marketplace :)

Discover the stars of tomorrow with this bot.

Kay Siegert
Kay Siegert- CEO Plaans ConTech site reporting
We recently launched this chatbot that helps discovering new music.
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