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July 1st, 2019

Make all your devices smart in seconds

Switch Bot is a smart IoT robot to mechanically control all your switches and buttons.

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Switch Bot is the world's smallest remote robot. It mechanically controls all switches and buttons wherever you are...yes, even when you're a whole continent away! Kickstarter Not to mention it's at a price point that not a lot of us are able to reach.
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Unless you've got the money, time and patience to start rebuilding your house from virtually the ground up, turning it into the smart home that has been dreamed about for years is not easy. Yes, there are smart light, smart locks, smart dryers, smart toothbrushes and the like, but - to paraphrase Pokémon - it may be some time before you catch 'em all.
2 Alternatives to SwitchBot

Mobile App to Screenshot Websites with Login

Blit lets you automate screen captures of any public website. Now we're ready to go beyond the login screen and capture any web page even if it requires a username and password.

World's 1st Visual Inertial Odometry Positioning Drone

The VIO helps Mark locate itself based on position relative to its surroundings rather than satellites, realizing true autonomous flying.

Its ability to track subjects automatically, voice-controlled launch and land commands, gesture-triggered photo taking, and an impeccable 4k recording quality, all make Mark a powerful, smart flying experience.

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