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April 1st, 2019

Want to build an fb messenger bot with Java universe?

Why to build your chat-bot on fb-messenger?

• The people you want to reach are already here

• Now, people won't need to download an app to interact with you

• What you've been sending through SMS is now sent through Messenger

• User Information

• User retention

• User history

• No front-end required

• Minimal back-end

• Strong Community Support

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Many have asked this question and many have answered it. Some people think they will gain access to a wider user base, for free, some think they will

A Java framework which let's you easily build Slack and Facebook bots in minutes.

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We would be using JBot for making a Facebook Messenger Bot today as we earlier used JBot for making a Slack Bot. Similar to Slack, Facebook is simple but has few extra steps: Clone this project $ git clone See more
JBot Framework - LEGO for building bots. JBot is a spring-boot application to make Slack (Facebook and Twitter coming soon) bots in minutes. It provides all the boilerplate code needed so that you can make your bot live right away.
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