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January 1st, 2020

Fightlings: The Card Game combines old-school pair-matching with fully updated card battler mechanics. Players build decks of 17 cards each, which are shuffled together with one wild card and placed in a 5x7 grid. Once creatures are uncovered, they can be used in combat, meaning adaptability and strategy play a large role in your success.

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After the Berlin-based mobile game developer Thoughtfish has successfully launched its location-based collectible card app Fightlings, they recently announced that they will go one step further by releasing the award winning game as a table-top version. How did that come about? "Fightlings exi
Fightlings is a new, hybrid card game that's up on Kickstarter. For starters, you make your own deck of 17 cards and shuffle it together with your opponent's deck. The cards are then set out on a grid and you must try and make matching pairs of cards.

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Undercover ^^ is a simple and fun party game in the style of Mafia and Werewolf

It's perfect to spend good time with friends, family or colleagues 😉

And since it's on your phone, you can take it with you anywhere!

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Undercover^^ is a social game of language, imagination, interaction and strategy. Only 1 smartphone is needed to play with a group of friends, family and colleagues. Check out our teaser at: See more
In this episode of TSL Plays, we play Undercover! Find out who among us are the best at deceiving the rest... SUBSCRIBE TO TSLTV HERE: See more
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Each player gets 4 tokens, which must make a full turn of the board and then make it to the finishing home. Each token can only move out of their home by casting a Four or Eight. If another player’s token lands on the same square as your token (except safe zones), then your token will be considered as “killed.

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Kodi King is an ancient board game of India. Kodi King is the most popular Board Game in the Indian history. A game that is played on board with 4 cowries. It's a multiplayer game played between 2,3...
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Babloo'z Vs Zombies is 2D Side Scrolling Zombie Survival Shooter Game. In this Game The player needs to survive as well as complete various missions for level unlocking and moving advance in the game.

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Everyone Let's have the fun of Babloo'z Vs Zombies Shooting Game 2019 and online shooting games.Play speedy Babloo'z Vs Zombies Shooting Game 2019 game and an impossible zombie hunter game and zombie killer to Survive. The city zombie survival is full of mad Zombies.
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