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August 1st, 2019

Meetup for runners, cyclists, and athletes

Kevin Day
Kevin Day- Brand Manager
I highly recommend Rollout, as a way to invite, allow or set up a private group outdoor activity. It's also great to search for others, venturing out in your area.
Brandon Elwood
Brandon Elwood- Owner, AppJester
Great place to connect with others looking to on group runs, hikes, bike rides, etc. The Android version is dropping this summer.
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A station-less bikeshare. Pickup and drop off anywhere. 🚲

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The Verge
Ford is buying dockless electric scooter company Spin for $100 million, according to Axios . It had initially been reported that the acquisition cost $40 million, which is roughly what Spin was valued at after its Series A funding last year. Reuters reports that Ford has committed to making a $200 million investment in the startup.
10 Alternatives to Spin

See weather on your route while adjusting speed and time.

Get There Dry is a free navigation application that can be customized to any mode of transport and provides precipitation, temperature, wind speed, and wind direction information along your route. A slider allows users to adjust travel time and see corresponding local weather along the route and at the destination at the expected arrival time.

Automatically log you rides & earn cash when bike commuting

ByCycling is an automatic Day-to-Day cycling tracker that inspires you to switch wasted time in traffic for active time when commuting.

We work together with employers around the world to stimulate biking to work and in that way, allowing people to earn great rewards in exchange for their effort, as it could be cash or extra paid holiday time.

Stephan Duquesnoy
Stephan Duquesnoy- Founder, Well Dressed
I like to use ByCycling. We have a leaderboard for our office, it keeps me up to date on my distance, and has very low maintenance and just easy to use. It caused me to cycle more frequenty as well. If daily cycling is an option for you, it adds a lot of fun to the daily routine
Jose Díaz
Jose Díaz- Co-founder at ByCycling
@rajiv_hirur Maybe you want to log your rides automatically without pressing buttons and without worrying about draining your battery life?
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Fast Company
If you work at Acato, a digital agency in the Netherlands, your boss will now pay you to ride your bike to work. The company is one of the first to try out a new app designed to track employee commutes and automatically detect when someone is on a bike rather than in a car, and then let the company reward the ones who make the more sustainable choice.
Does your workplace support cycling to work? If so, you might want to let your boss know about ByCycling, an app that logs your miles to reward you for commuting by bike. Unlike other popular cycling apps, such as Strava, there's no need to press start or finish.
As a keen cyclist, I've long felt there are significant benefits of riding to work, both in terms of physical and mental wellbeing. That was the finding of a recent study published in the British Medical Journal. The study looked at the impact 'active commuting' has on our health.
4 Alternatives to ByCycling

Send Bicycle emojis & stickers for your ride on iPhone 🚲

CyclEmoji is a bicycle themed emoji and sticker app for iPhone. You can send high quality cycling pictures to your friends. Use it not just on Apple's iMessage but various social media platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and more.

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