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July 1st, 2019

The flat iron you can turn off from anywhere

Syiron let's you use your phone to turn your Syiron off/on, adjust temperature, and get notifications when you’ve left it on

Personalized skincare, based on your skin measurements.

Applying machine learning to identify the cause of your skin issue and give you a personalized solution. Developed at MIT, Atolla is a simple at-home skin test and personalized serum adapted to your skin measurements, environment, and lifestyle. Track your progress using Atolla’s Skin Health app. Over time, Atolla predicts what your skin will need.

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Founded by Meghan Maupin and Sid Salvi, with Dr Ranella Hirsch, Atolla brings a scientific method to skincare-removing trial and error, and drastically reducing waste. By using machine learning and a proprietary algorithm, the team at Atolla creates serums that are crafted specifically for each user-tracking changes in skin's moisture, oil and pH levels due … See more
Atolla, a skin care startup that got its roots at MIT, is launching a Kickstarter campaign to help people achieve their skin goals. Atolla uses machine learning to identify skin health issues and then recommend the right skin care products based on what affects your skin. Atolla comes as a monthly ...

Pump on a bottle won't work? Verso-Cap will.

Verso-Cap is an easy to use, inexpensive, cap for use on a bottle after a pump stops working. It is threadless, reusable & fits most household and salon product pump bottles. Verso-Cap is inexpensive and will help you save money while reducing landfill waste.

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