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August 1st, 2019

The world's most intelligent charger ever

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Business Insider
There's a major problem with smartphones. Not only do their batteries barely last a day, the batteries themselves get worse and worse over time. Unfortunately, our regular charging habits are largely to blame for the degrading battery performance in our smartphones.
Geeky Gadgets
A new smart phone charging cable has launched over on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website this week aiming to raise $35,000 to provide backers with the 'world's most intelligent smartphone charger ever'. The UsBidi Charger is equipped with a wealth of features to help extend the life of your smartphone battery using automatic power shut off as well as super… See more
Digital Trends
Until now, your charging cable has just been a plain old cord without any smarts, but that might change with the UsBidi. The UsBidi not only looks good, but it will charge your phone more quickly and will likely extend the life of the battery.
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Charge your iPhone from another iPhone, iPad, or any device!

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Over on Kickstarter, there are new projects popping up daily. Some are pretty interesting while others...not so much. This charging cable from AnyLink really caught our attention though. As it helps to solve a problem that we all have. And that is battery life, okay not so much solve it, but help it out.
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The Next Web
My favorite thing in the world is when someone makes something, just because. There's no reason or rhyme as to why. It doesn't need to exist, but it's cool, so it does. One of the best examples I've seen of this lately is the OvRcharge - a needlessly-extravagant iPhone charger that levitates your device as it replenishes the battery.
The Coolest Stuff Online
The trick is simple physics - magnets of similar poles oppose each other. There is an electromagnet in the base, and you slip on a special case over your phone which becomes the other magnet in the pair. Some smart electro-wizardry then rotates the phone as it levitates, creating the very cool end result.
Mail Online
OvRcharge works using a base, the transmitter, and a charging case Case contains electricity receiver and magnet to charge phone and hover Firm says it can levitate objects up to 600g, and can make a tablet float Canadian innovators have developed a wireless charging device that can charge your phone mid-air.
Digital Trends
Unless you're really running short of things to talk about, the latest phone charger you've bought isn't exactly the kind of thing you're going to be in a rush to show off. That could change if a certain new Kickstarter campaign hits its funding target, however.
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