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March 1st, 2019

Features with a suit compartment and multiple convenient pockets, Super Bag Pro is the one that allows you to carry your professional attires anywhere! Help you to stay organized and sharp! Comfort, capacity, mobility and adjustability are all carefully considered features in Super Bag Pro. Just about hold everything you need!

Chic, light-weight and organic backpack made from pure Hemp

The Hemp Craft brings you the first artisanal backpack made from 100% Hemp fabric sourced from Nepal.

TashiPack is made from 100% pure hemp fiber and is organic, zero-impact and fair-trade commodity. Part of our sales go towards the education of Hemp farmers in Nepal. Support our campaign and make a change.

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Crowdfunding Press Release
Mumbai, India - The Hemp Craft (THC), founded in Mumbai, India by designer brothers Jugal Mistry and Rahul Mistry, have launched their first product - a chic looking backpack made from 100% pure hemp. The backpack is called TashiPack, named after Tibetan word "Tashi" which means auspicious.

The half backpack, half briefcase for your life on-the-go

Using its original InrVert® system, LeTrav created the Austin Bag, a convertible and very practical backpack that becomes a stylish briefcase in just a few seconds, depending on your mood or situation. Simply unzip, flip the bag, and zip it up again to convert your bag in seconds.

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That's a common dilemma that's about to be easily solved. Busy executives and other professionals who are tired of carrying around a heavy, impractical and outdated briefcase throughout each day who are dying to drop it and trade it for the comfort of a backpack...
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