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September 1st, 2019

Augmented reality Pokemon-catching game

Harold Cummington
Harold Cummington- Product Manager at Slark
Gotta catch 'em all.
Harold Cummington
Harold Cummington- Product Manager at Slark
Got to catch them all.
Harold Cummington
Harold Cummington- Product Manager at Slark
Let's be realistic here
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Early on in Pokémon GO, you're asked to make a decision: what team do you want to be on? Instinct (Yellow)? Valor (Red)? Mystic (Blue)? The question comes a bit out of the blue. Especially amongst those who started early and have stuck with the game, it's not uncommon to hear people gru...
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Suggestic is a one-stop destination for dietary programs, curated by the world's leading experts and personalized for you.
Always know precisely what to eat at home, restaurants and the grocery store.

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Cooking Light
So, you've started a weight loss plan and have every intention of sticking to it until you reach your goal. You've set yourself up for success by stocking your fridge with nutritious foods, pulling your "healthy eating" cookbooks out of storage, signing up for some daily email inspiration and maybe you even bought a new pair of walking shoes to hit those 10,… See more
Point your phone at a restaurant menu and instantly overlaid on top of it you'll see what's good for you, according to your diet, biology, preferences, and goals. That is the idea behind Suggestic. We spoke with Shai Rozen and Victor Chapela, the two serial entrepreneurs who founded the app in 2014.
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