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March 1st, 2019

Merges real wooden toys with kids educational apps

Magik Play is a smart toy for iPad that merge physical toys with STEM games for kids by using a special kind of Augmented Reality technology. The digital characters react to the constructions creating the perfect fusion of digital and real world play

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Innovation in education is important as it caters to the need of engagement in the learning processes. With vivid technologies and tools coming out increasingly, Magik Play brings the new approach to education with its block kits that helps students learn and engages them in the whole process.
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Who knew a block of wood could be a smart toy? With the Magik Play Starter Kit, from Magikbee, kids all different ages can collaborate with one another in the real world to find success in the digital. The ready-to-play technology features simple wooden toys, no batteries, and no wires.
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Maguss is a wizarding location-based mobile MMORPG

Using a mobile device’s GPS function and augmented reality technology, Maguss brings a wizard’s world to life by populating real locations with beasts and magical creatures to fight, ingredients to gather, and treasure chests to unlock. Players choose from one of four classes, each with its own blend of starting attributes and spells.

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MagiMask is an immersive, high resolution Augmented Reality headset for your smartphone.

✅ Full resolution - 4 times higher than split-screen VR

✅ Works with full-screen apps (AR, movies, games, ++)

✅ Unique optical solution

✅ Can be used with glasses

✅ Universal smart phone holder

Eye tracker, brain-computer interface, controllers

Use AR/VR together with other technologies like eye-tracking, in order to build a new type of interface.

We made this starter kit to take 3D human-machine interface tech out of the research labs and make something affordable for the average developer.

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