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July 1st, 2019

One-click business expense management inside gmail

Fyle offers one - click expense management right inside Gmail and Outlook. Fyle helps people autocapture expense details like Currency, Amount, Merchant, Category, Tax, ID along with the receipt with a single click process.

Pratik Sagar Mishra
Pratik Sagar Mishra- Marketing | Products | SaaS
With most of the receipts coming in to our email inbox, Fyle makes it super easy to claim expenses. I love how they extract every single information and automatically report the receipt in one-click!
Siva Narayanan
Siva Narayanan- Building
Fyle auto-extracts expense information from email receipts and helps you track them with a single click.
Siva Narayanan
Siva Narayanan- Building
You can record your expenses from your email with a single click. Fyle auto-extracts the amount, category for you!
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Fyle uses AI and provides a single click experience for employees to submit an expense, eliminating data entry, manual verification and frustration. We have built the world's first and AI Powered Data extraction system that extracts expense data from receipts (online and paper).
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Marcelo Tolentino da Silva
Marcelo Tolentino da Silva
this app is awesome to keep me updated about what is going on in world news
Paulo Filipe
Paulo Filipe- Senior Technical Consultant, crealytics
At the moment, it's mainly to keep up to date with the news on any topic you're interested in. Moving forward though, we plan on adding a ton of features that will ultimately make it more appealing for social bookmarking power users. And, it's 100% free!! ;)

News in your Chrome tab that learns your preferences

Get news right in your new tab. From over 70 sources all over the world, choose your news!

You don't have to remember and visit each and every news source now. Simple glance the top news from your favourite sources with an elegant and clean UI.

Tanmay Patil
Tanmay Patil- Co-founder, Zyla Health
I built this as a side project because I was frustrated by the FB feed which started out well but got maligned over time. Nothing more and nothing less, it currently serves ~1000 weekly active users across 100+ countries.
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Get leads, contacts and accounts directly in Freshsales

Saleslift Prospector for Freshsales helps unlock growth opportunities by providing the ability to get leads, contacts and accounts within the CRM. The user can do all of this without having to leave the Freshsales workflow. It also provides an AI based predictive prospector to provide users with the most relevant lead recommendations.

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Saleslift Blog
If you are a Freshsales CRM customer, then we have some exciting news to share with you. Today, we are launching the integration of Saleslift Prospector with Freshsales. Saleslift Prospector is a lead generation and prospecting platform that helps sales people get all the contact and account information that they need.
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