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November 1st, 2018

Discover NeARby places using Augmented Reality

Pitnit AR is a business search app made using #ARKit which helps users search neARby businesses in a 360 degree live environment and navigate from point to point.

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Show your 3d model in AR and VR (6 DoF)! On iPhone!

ARMix is designed for designers and prototypes. You can load your models in the OBJ and look at them in augmented and virtual reality (6 DoF). This is the first app in the App Store Apple with support for the cardboard and the ability to move. Install only on iPhone 6s and high.

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Using ARkit to its full potential with animations, floor detection, gestures, particle systems for the sun's fire and the stars all over the scene. a really fun product to build and a really cool experience to learn about the planets! Did you know its -130C on Saturn?!

The first digital-only (markerless) AR greeting cards

REAL cARds™ is the first digital-only AR greeting card app. Send customizable 3D bears, flowers, birthday cakes and more to ARKit-compatible devices through the app or video version via SMS & email. A fun way to 'augment your Valentine's Day'. More content coming soon. ❤️

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REAL cARds are new AR greetings cards for iOS devices, made by HappyGiant, the developers of AR boardgame Hologrid: Monster Battle.
HappyGiant, the independent Boston-based developer of the mobile AR app Hologrid: Moster Battle, is breaking into new ground today by being the first to introduce Augmented Reality Greeting Cards, REAL cARds, just in time to amaze your geeky sweetheart on Valentine's Day.

Kill Zombies in the real world

Z Room is an Augmented Reality first person shooter. Play in the real world with full sized Zombies on your Phone. With the new AR mode you can get in the middle of the action. Every round Zombies will come at you from any direction. Keep looking around so they don't get the drop on you.

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