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March 1st, 2019

Give your car eyes, ears and a voice

The AutoPi Dongle and the AutoPi Cloud make up an IoT maker platform, which allows you to add advanced features to your car and gives you a lot of extension possibilities.

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We've previously cover Macchina M2 OBD-II dongle based on an Arduino compatible MCU, and with 4G LTE support for the maker market, and iWave Systems OBD-II dongle with 4G LTE and LTE running Linux on NXP i.MX6 for the B2B market, but so far I had not seen an hackable OBD-II dongle running Linux for the maker market.

Protecting from Image Identity Theft

FaceChex – Identity Theft Protection

Welcome to FaceChex. At FaceChex we protect peoples identity online. As technology has improved for image recognition, we’ve been able to improve our content protection services to include what was once professional services for consumer use to protect the average consumer online.

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Identity theft can happen to you...My wife and I were victims of hacking, her images were stolen and put on sites from revenge sites, to dating sites, to fake profiles. FaceChex is a new product, a product that is a cause, and a product that can prevent long term damages from Identity theft.
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A handy desktop tool to stitch multiple Files together!

File Stapler is a small handy desktop tool that helps you organize your digital life. It staples together files that you need to always open at the same time, so that when you open one, the others also open automatically. This saves from making multiple copies of the same files in different locations or renaming files to remember which is which.

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