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April 1st, 2020

Circa is a beautifully designed, standalone alarm clock that helps you to improve your sleeping habits. No more nights of interrupted sleep by using your phone, but an alarm clock that helps you fall asleep and wakes you up intelligently at the right time in the morning.

DeskInfinity is a desk accessory with Guilloché Design and a slot to hold on all common cables.It is completely personalized with your name laser engraved on it.

The pattern reflects Symbol of Infinity in All viewing directions. Made of solid Brass, it brings with it a weight and sense of stability, making your working desk inspiring and beautiful.

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DeskInfinity - the first desk accessory on Kickstarter which is personalized with your name or quote! One study that formed the basis of my first product was - no other product on Kickstarter offered personalized products to the Kickstarter Backers - who are the ones who support your product.
I explained in my last post on Guilloché - a decorative technique of mesmerizing patterns! Well, the product I was designing is ready and is live on Kickstarter here. In short what it is? A cable holder with following features:- 1. CNC machined Guilloché Art - the same art found in many premiu...
See the following images:- Ever wonder how these patterns were made? Or even, what are these seemingly different patterns called? All these patterns fall in the category of Guilloché. (Pronounced - /ɡɪˈloʊʃ/ ). It represents a series of repetitive spirals and circular patterns, that ends up giv...
Introducing to you a Made in India product which can make your daily working desk more inspiring and beautiful! DeskInfinity is a creation of 3 young engineers who were inspired by the beautiful Guilloche patterns found in many premium Swiss wrist watches.
ART, ENGINEERING & ENTREPRENEURS - we may never recollect ever hearing these three words in a single sentence, especially in India. However, Shivam Chawla, Arjit Raj and Ashutosh Kumar - a team of three Mechanical Engineers from NIT Hamirpur, HP, are all set to make this possible with their very own entrepreneurship venture!
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