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August 1st, 2019

Travel and experience trips with locals

Pavan Sethi
Pavan Sethi- building things.
Airbnb is very well-known for their great design. While they continue to add new features to their website and app, they are able to maintain the simplistic design they had from the beginning.
Eduardo Lomeli
Eduardo Lomeli
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Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Anne-Laure Le Cunff- Entrepreneur
I love Airbnb Trips. You can manage your trip in one place, from accommodation to tours with local hosts.
28 Alternatives to Airbnb Trips

A site that plans your multi-city travel in a few clicks

Usually people dream about travelling in terms of categories: "Why don't we fly to Paris?!"

Paris is cool! And what about visiting London, Nice, Amsterdam, Barca, and back to home for the very same cost!

Pay less - get more: Pay $200 for 5-city trip instead of $200 for a usual round-trip.

Aleh Tsikhanau
Aleh Tsikhanau- Product designer & entrepreneur
The smart and effortless way to design your multi-city travel itineraries
Anna Zhyhar
Anna Zhyhar- Product Manager at
One of the best travel experiences Itinerary: Vilnius - Athens - Corfu - Milan - Vilnius $173 Other stories in profile :)
Kate Sieman
Kate Sieman
I really like their options. European holidays for every taste and budget
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Travel + Leisure
Want to go to Europe but don't know where to start? There's an app for that.
If you're visiting Europe for a while, it's fun to visit several cities in one trip. Eightydays helps you plan a multi-city trip quickly by picking a route and finding travel for you.
The INSIDER Summary: * Eightydays is a new app that helps you planning a European trip. * The travel plan includes flight information and Airbnb rates for a multi-city trip. Want to go to Europe but don't know where to start? There's an app for that.
Even the most seasoned travelers can occasionally feel overwhelmed when faced with a multi-city trip through Europe. There are so many options to explore, and depending on where you start and finish, many viable paths. While making your decision and weighing your options, it may be helpful to consult a database of potential journeys, which is where Eightyday… See more
Het werkt eigenlijk heel simpel. Je gaat naar de site van Eightydays en je vult de periode in waarin je graag weg wilt. Dan kies je een stad waaruit je graag wilt vertrekken en waar je ook weer terug wilt komen aan het einde van je vakantie.
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4 Alternatives to BETA

Collaborative luggage storage network (iOS, Android, Web)

Nannybag allows travelers to store their luggage in partner hotels and stores, which offers a lighter way to travel and a new way to discover cities to our users. Before a check-in, after a check-out or even during stopovers periods, the service is available in 230 cities across Europe, and recently expanded to the US, Mexico and Brazil.

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New York City Travel Tips
If you are staying in an apartment in New York, the owner may not allow you to leave your bags there on the day of your arrival or departure from the city. Most hotels can store your luggage, but if not, you have to find a solution for your suitcases.
Skyscanner France
Vous faites escale dans une ville que vous souhaitez prendre le temps de visiter ? Vos bagages vont naturellement vous gêner pour profiter pleinement de votre balade. Pourquoi ne pas les placer dans une consigne. C'est simple et sécurisé et cela vous laissera libre de vos mouvements.
There is a great article in today's New York Times by Stephanie Rosenbloom about the emerging luggage storage industry. The focus is on the storefront model (don't worry we sent Stephanie a little reminder that the mobile model is here too).
You've just landed at your travel destination, but the Airbnb won't be available for a few hours. What to do? You could start exploring the city, but nothing ruins that exhilarating experience more than having to drag around heavy luggage.
The Getaway For less than the cost of a Starbucks latte, a surprising variety of businesses - delis, dry cleaners, mobile phone stores - will look after your bags so you can sightsee hands-free.
Consigne Bagage Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux et partout en France.
Voici neuf jeunes pousses qui devraient vous aider à planifier vos vacances, même à la dernière minute. Suivez le guide !
Le plus grand réseau de consignes à bagages ! Nannybag permet aux voyageurs du monde entier de stocker leurs bagages dans des boutiques et des hôtels pour profiter pleinement de leur journée.
Consigne Bagage Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux et partout en France.
La start-up cherche à lever des fonds pour se développer en Europe et proposer des lieux de stockage pour les affaires des voyageurs dans toutes les grandes capitales du Vieux continent. Le JDN et la plateforme de mise en relation pour entrepreneurs et investisseurs qualifiés FundMe présentent le pitch d'une start-up en recherche de financements.

Charter yachts by the seat

FLOAT allows people to book luxury yacht charters by the seat with prices starting as low as €99 per person. They also offer shuttle service and memberships packages.

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Yacht Harbour
FLOAT, a brand new French startup whose app became available last week in the App Store, has now launched aiming to drastically facilitate its users' access to yachting by offering prices on yacht charters as low as €99 per person, over 20 times cheaper than all available alternatives.Operating...
Yachting the French Riviera carries connotations of Champagne-fueled deck parties, zipping around the turquoise sea on jet skis, and having a crew to spray your sun-dappled face with Evian mist-all for the bare-minimum price of $10,000 per week. Until now, those without five- and six-figure budgets have had a hard time living the yacht life.
With all sorts of "Uber-esqe" tech companies attempting to disrupt everything from taxi cabs to private jets, it should come as no surprise that yacht industry insiders are working to bring the same level of ease and affordability to certain luxury yacht charter markets.
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7 Alternatives to FLOAT

Mapped, Multi-Location Curated Experiences, Designed By You

Choose multiple locations on map, give the sequence a theme, publish and then broadcast via social media. For example, a travel maven could create several themed day trips in areas that they love. Krawls also generates fully mapped experiences, on the fly.

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