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March 1st, 2019

Block ads or unblock and get paid or donate to charity

Leslie Purchase
Leslie Purchase- Co Founder Ourdata
Blocking ads is such a superior browsing experience. Load speed increases dramatically.
Leslie Purchase
Leslie Purchase- Co Founder Ourdata
Superior ad blocking Chrome extension. Public benefit corporation that aims to give consumers the choice to block ads or unblock and get paid or donate to charity. Excellent browsing experience coupled with a great mission to form a consumer data union.
Lael Sturm
Lael Sturm- Revenue Hacker, Advisor, People Connectr
Right out of the box, this is a great adblocker. And, the mission, to take from the ad networks and give to the people (whose data is being sold) is revolutionary.
6 Alternatives to Ourdata

Creating a transparent view on your ads

Adwizard is a free tool which allows users to view hidden information of the ads that are displayed on their site. If you were a user of the Google Publisher Toolbar, then you will love this extension even more.

If you're a publisher or website owner this tool will be your go to! Trust Me!

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With many Publishers and Ad Ops professionals missing the discontinued Google Publisher Toolbar, Publift has come to the rescue with the new Adwizard Chrome Extension. Publift has already seen a strong uptake in users and has received positive feedback like "I just removed two other extensions for this one" and "I miss [Google Publisher Toolbar], [...]

Tool For Ad Agencies To Scan Websites For Potential Clients

Are you a marketer or from an ad agency?

This free tool "Scans" websites for 3 useful pieces of information to help you identify potential clients.

1) Social media platforms they have

2) Contact information

3) Advertising technologies used

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