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April 1st, 2020

Are you bored? Wanna be spontaneous?

IveTime stands for "I have time" Ꙭ.

Who of my friends have time - right now?

Press the IveTime Button: IveTime tells you.

No idea where to meet?!

IveTime suggests you a venue in the middle - fair for all, isn't it?

No idea what to do?!

Let IveTime make a guess for you.

Taking rolling in the deep to the next level with VORTEX.

To make the game much more fun and intresting we have added amazing powerups.

1)Speedster - speeds up your game.

2)Cruise Control - destroys all obstacles.

3)Sloth - slows down the game.

4)Titanium - can destroy a obstacle.

5)Teleport - can change the ball gravity in an instance.


Rating and price

Raccoone - is virtual messageboard where you can drop your message to the location and ppl around it can see it. Regardless you have a garage sell, looking for a missing dog or want share your amazing art or discovery, Raccoone will be a perfect place to start with ...

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Developer: Karol Koziel Rating: Everyone Price: Free Today, I have the privilege of reviewing an app in the prototype stage, therefore, I request your undivided attention. Raccoone falls in the category of a social media app although I do the like the title "signboard app".
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