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August 1st, 2019

Furqan Tafseer
Furqan Tafseer- Inbound Marketer & Tech Enthusiast
The only VPN app with Ad blocking powers! It is really helpful as I personally have a lot of work that requires a VPN and I also am a fond of Ad blockers. So, if I am getting two into one solution, then what's better?

Send ad-free articles & web pages to your email inbox

Found a great article but don't have time to read it now?

EmailThis will remove ads & distractions from the page and send you a beautifully formatted email with just the text and images. You can read the email anytime you like, anywhere you like - on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Ollie Coleman
Ollie Coleman- Software craftsman
I found this bookmarklet via PH. It does exactly what it says on the tin. The best thing about EmailThis is that it helps me turn my email inbox into a todo/to-read list. I use it to save bookmarks/links that I need to read in the near future and I use Pocket to basically save everything that I might need someday.
Andreas Wagner
Andreas Wagner- looking for..........😎
I love it, because it is so simple and smart!
Bharani- Co-Founder, Resumonk
Save everything to your email. Since your saved pages/bookmarks come to your email, you can access it from any platform or device. You can also create folders, tags, labels and auto-filter rules to manage incoming emails. No additional apps required to access your saved bookmarks.
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Protect your browser against crypto-miners on the web.

CoinHive-Blocker is chrome extension that utilizes the chrome API to block out known Monero cryptominers that can run in your browser with the new WebAssembly web standard. The result of using the CoinHive-Blocker extension is a safer browsing experience with a lesser chance of getting your computing-power used without consent.

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TechNews 科技新報
據海盜灣事件之後,Coinhive 等瀏覽器挖礦程式被濫用,綁架用戶電腦挖礦的非法行為日發嚴重,甚至已成為一種新興地下產業,且不只個人電腦,連智慧型手機也將受到威脅。 知名的 BT 種子伺服器網站 海盜灣 雖然支持者遍布全球,但其實去年平均每天捐款只有約新台幣 300 元。然而在今年 9 月傳出了該網站利用 Coinhive 程式偷偷令瀏覽該網站的用戶電腦變成挖礦機,以之獲利,引起輿論譁然。 此事曝光後,此新型態的虛擬貨幣採礦平台便大受關注,這是一個可在瀏覽器環境下,用 JavaScript 執行門羅幣(Monero)挖礦計算的程式。此平台才剛上線不到兩個星期,就已占了門羅幣整體區塊 Hash 值算力的 5%,也完全超乎原設計團隊的預料。如今這個概念已蓬勃發展,不到一個月就蔓延全球,不僅 Coinhive 被濫… See more
Te mostramos todos los métodos actuales para que las webs no minen Bitcoins u otras criptomonedas. Desde hace unas semanas se está extendiendo bastante (demasiado, diría) el nuevo método de monetización de sitios web: minado de criptomonedas o Bitcoins.
Cómo evitar que una web mine criptomonedas con tu... Aunque es algo que se lleva haciendo desde hace tiempo, minar criptomonedas, lo cierto es que útlimamente está dando mucho de qué hablar. En general, hoy en día son muchos los medios de comunicación, no sólo de tecnología sino también de economía, entre otros, que no han podido evitar hablar de este curios… See more
Ars Technica
A researcher has documented almost 2,500 sites that are actively running cryptocurrency mining code in the browsers of unsuspecting visitors, a finding that suggests the unethical and possibly illegal practice has only picked up steam since it came to light a few weeks ago.

AbEXP is an interactive soundscape in the shape of a google chrome plugin, where ad-block technology turns commercial banners ads on websites you visit into an audio/visual experience. Made by danish audio company AIAIAI and electronic duo, Kenton Slash Demon

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Telekom Electronic Beats
AbEXP is an exploratory new web extension created by Danish headphone company AIAIAI and electronic duo Kenton Slash Demon.
Digital DJ Tips
Sick of seeing banner ads in your browser? Instead of installing another ad blocker, try this musical solution: AIAIAI, creators of the TMA-2 headphone, has teamed up with Danish producer duo Kenton Slash Demon to create AbEXP, a Google Chrome extension that turns banner ads into clickable visuals that you can play music and effects from.
An experimental and exploratory project, AbEXP is a new kind of adblock plugin. Download the Chrome extension and take over the ad banners on the world's in-ternet pages, from The New York Times to Perez Hilton, with minimal, futurist visuals and bespoke music created by acclaimed duo, Kenton Slash Demon.
aiaiai has joined forces with Danish duo Kenton Slash Demon to develop and launch a new "interactive music universe" that will allow users to transform web banners into music. AbEXP has been described by aiaiai as "a new kind of adblock plugin" and runs as a Google Chrome extension.
Fast Company
Nobody likes online ads. And before you @ me-because I know, Fast Company has them, too-know that I have chosen to support journalism by not installing an ad blocker. But if I didn't care about my own livelihood or the value of a free press, I'd install the hell out of AbEXP.
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