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July 1st, 2018

Alto's Adventure

A beautiful endless snowboarding game for iOS

Marlon Lopez- freelancer
The environment and music gives a great sense of chill, while the gameplay ramps up the challenge steadily. Along with unlockable characters with different abilities and zero in-app purchases, this game is a must-have on iOS.
Pallav Agarwal- Passionate for technology and startups
Open and play forever. One of the best and most beautiful games ever made.
kevinfischer- Designer
Not only is the game play smooth, the audio is as well.
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Pokemon GO

Augmented reality Pokemon-catching game

Harold Cummington- Product Manager at Slark
Pokestops and Gyms are crowdsourced based on places that people find interesting. Plus you get to catch Pokemon while you're at it. Why bother looking at old buildings when you can capture virtual battling monsters? But all jokes aside, it's actually surprising how good of a discovery tool this is (specifically for little things like murals, cool buildings,… See more
Harold Cummington- Product Manager at Slark
Gotta catch 'em all.
Harold Cummington- Product Manager at Slark
Let's be realistic here
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