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What is one app that you can't live without?

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  1. Ben TerryCreative Director, Access Ventures

    Where do you order your custom startup swag?

    I'm looking for some custom swag ideas for startups like where to order t-shirts, socks, enamel pins, notebooks, etc. Where have you order custom swag from in the past for your startup?
  2. Stephen HongCo-founder at ThinkRTC

    What is the best product for remote employees, freelancers, and work-from-home professionals?

    I am looking for a product/tool that'll help you manage/collaborate with clients remotely from home or anywhere. I would greatly appreciate the PH community's recommendations.
  3. Matt KiserFounder – WTF Just Happened Today

    What's the best CRM for a small startup?

    I run a news site that relies entirely on reader donations and merchandise sales. What's the best way to consolidate my email list, Gumroad, Patreon, PayPal, Donorbox, etc. user data in one place? Preferably free or cheap.
  4. Tarik KurspahicCTO, Personal |

    What's the best tool for an internal company knowledge base?

    Want to get multiple departments on the same page with regards to definitions, current product capabilities, feature roadmap & marketing and sales collateral
  5. Gopi KrishnaVisual designer, Freshdesk

    What's a good alternative to Salesforce CRM? :)

    Just looking out to see which apps top the list!
  6. Michael LajlevDigital product designer

    Best services with an awesome matching experience

    I'm looking for services who excel in matching. I don't care if it's dating/properties/pets/etc.
  7. What are the tools and process startup founders and salespeople use on a daily basis?

    What tools do you use everyday as part of your sales stack to help with revenue growth? Does your team have a process that they follow to be successful in closing repeatable sales opportunities.
  8. Sam DoshiCo Founder @

    What Bot creation framework or platform is your favorite?

    Wanted to find out who's had experience creating messenger or bots beyond and what they found as their favorite tactics, platforms, etc... just some advice to catch me up to what's the right way to go. THANKS!
  9. Ishwar JhaDigital Transformation Evangelist

    What are best business podcasts in 2017?

    Business podcasts for me are like running machine and it has remained all time favourite for us to keep learning. I would like to learn and discover the best business podcasts right now and which has potential to rule the roost in upcoming future.
  10. Kesava MandigaCurious cat. Writer. Explorer.

    What's the best image editing app for social media?

    I'm looking for a cross-platform tool that lets you edit images, add captions, and post to Social Networks. I use Canva and Pablo. I love both of them but sometimes, I get frustrated with the lack of some no-brainer features (Android app, anyone?). Any image editing app recommendations?
  11. How do you make friends online?

    I love meeting people IRL , but building relationships online is a lot harder. What tools or communities have you found make it easier, to build strong relationships?🤗
  12. Which app is best for finding players in my locality?

    I want to play football and I have no one to play with. Using which app can I find more players with which I can play?
  13. Ben TerryCreative Director, Access Ventures

    Best apps and tools for managing/working at a co-working space?

    I'm looking to find what's out there to help manage our co-working space or apps/tools that members of coworking spaces love using.
  14. What is the best substitute for traditional business cards?

    I am looking for a service which can effectively replace physical business cards. Something that allows me to share my contacts in a cool way while making easy for my contacts to save my information to their phones. Ability to organize my contacts a plus!
  15. What is your best source for talent recruitment?

    I personally feel LinkedIN is the best but I am sure, there are many good other ones that are better than LinkedIN.
  16. Vidit Saxenacreator of @Unwander

    Is there a tool that can notify me when a company posts a job on their job page?

    Hi - Everytime I find a cool company, I check out their jobs page and look if a specific job is available. I am looking for something that can notify me via an email at least as soon as the job gets available. Anything that does that?
  17. Allan CaegFounder,

    What's a good email signature solution?

    I just tried WiseStamp, which looks okay... but it conflicts with Mixmax.