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What product/service do you pay monthly/annually for, and feel like it's worth it?There are plenty of services we subscribe to because we have to, some because we want to, but what products and services do you use that you feel are truly worth the cost?
Brandon AnzaldiSoftware Engineer @ ToTheTens · Asked
What tools do you use in your sales process?It might be CRMs, sales automation tools, call back tools, chats and so on and so on :)
Ilya AzovtsevHelp sales team close more in less time · Asked
What is your favorite browser extension?Give me ideas for must-have extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari... no matter. Tell me what I might be missing. 🤔
Dimitar RaykovProduct Designer · Asked
What are your favorite customer service tools?Zendesk, Freshdesk, Groove, etc. What have you tried? What do you like? Why?
Kaley HartSocial Media Nerd | Content Editor · Asked
What is the best tool for making mind maps?I'm looking for an mind map maker with the ability to attach notes and documents.
Lawrence NingCo-founder, Data Scientist · Edited
Which Social Media Marketing site/tool/dashboard are you using, and what do you like about it?Hootsuite, Sprinklr, Buffer, Percolate, Sprout Social, Spredfast, Edgar, Later, Tracx. ...any suggestions? Why?
Gian Pepecofounder @jumper_media · Asked
Whats the best alternative to squarespace for personal website building that's cheap(er)? shut down unexpectedly (at least to me) and all the sudden my page isnt hosted. 15/mo is kind of a lot for a page that... rarely gets visited, so hoping for something more like 20-30/year. #help
What is the best app to find people to hangout with in the new city?As I travel often or work remotely, I have this problem of having not many connections in new cities. Let's say I'd love to have a morning coffee or hang out on Friday evening. Twitter works great, but not always. What do you use in such cases?
AleksandraProduct Marketing · Asked
Any good chatbot recommendations for websites?I use Chatfuel for Facebook Messenger and it's fantastic. I can train the AI with faqs and it will respond accordingly. Is there any such tool for websites? As you know live chat takes a lot of time and resources to implement/manage. Thanks.
SuganthanFounder - · Asked
What products help you to turn a website into an app with native features?eg. tabbed navigation, deep linking, push notifications, etc
Dale-AnthonyUI Designer, BaseKit · Asked
What is the best way to help me monitor my sleep?I want to get an overview of my sleep but also improve it
Kevin Glynninteraction designer, PMD-Solutions · Asked
Looking for a good and easy option to build a SaaS website?Looking for a website builder or something similar to put together a website. Also to have the option for Hosting and Domain registration.
Emeric · Asked