What are the best apps for a new Android phone?

I just got my new OnePlus 3T (limited edition midnight black 😎) and I'm in need of some of the best apps on Android! 😊
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    Note taking gets even simpler

    Sunil Neurgaonkar
    Sunil Neurgaonkar10Genius-Nerd-Entrepreneur-Philanthropist Β· Written
    You need Evernote for every android phone. New or old. It gets things done. Tasks, to-dos, lists, just notes and much more. Plus it's synced across all devices. You need this app!
    • Emily Kellert
      Emily Kellerttech lover & travel freak & tractive PM

      Absolutely love Evernote. Use it for work and personal use and that is easy with the ability to make notebooks. Tags are super helpful as is annotating a document or editing a picture with Skitch. Makes my life easier and more organized!

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    • David Neira
      David NeiraChape Fitness - Online Personal Training

      Evernote is a platform that allows you to organize, store, share and then search your information. Evernote impacts a business's productivity by streamlining the collection and distribution of critical information by enhancing its retrieval. Evernote's gives your business enhanced control of the information you own or information already collected by your employees. It's your business. It's your information.

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  2. Sunil Neurgaonkar
    Sunil Neurgaonkar10Genius-Nerd-Entrepreneur-Philanthropist Β· Written
    This serious don't need an explanation! XD Follow Donald Trump's actions at the tip of your fingers and see the fun.
  3. Sunil Neurgaonkar
    Sunil Neurgaonkar10Genius-Nerd-Entrepreneur-Philanthropist Β· Written
    As it says, watch TV shows and movies anytime, anywhere. Netflix and chill.
  4. Suhas Moudgalya
    Suhas MoudgalyaProduct Engineer at EdgeVerve Systems Β· Written
    To share media files and apps in a faster way.
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    Aloha Browser for Android

    Private and secure mobile browser with free unlimited VPN

    Andrew Moroz
    Andrew MorozAloha Mobile Β· Written
    Andrew Moroz made this product
    Free unlimited VPN browsing, no ads
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    Artistic wallpapers from Unsplash & hipster shapes

    Orsi Kurdi
    Orsi Kurdifreelance marketer Β· Written
    This is a very cool live wallpaper app with Unsplash and 500px photos and cool fragment shapes. Will make your Android look cool 😊